Things To Look Forward To When Coming Home

5 Things To Look Forward To When Coming Home

My sophomore year is over at Villanova and it felt 45 seconds long.

Maddie Barber

Although I'm sad another year at college has come to an end, there are so many things I am looking forward to upon my return home. Here are some of the top contenders:

1. Anything but dining hall food 

Although I love Taco Tuesdays and the Pit's quinoa with mushrooms, I will not be missing the crusty tortellini with marinara and watery eggs over easy for breakfast. Cheers to having an actual kitchen next year and my mom's home-cooked pasta with turkey meatballs all summer long. And I can't forget to mention my extreme excitement for my favorite Italian place at home- Quattro Pazzi.

2. Washing machines actually washing my laundry 

I'm convinced that the Sullivan washers just get my clothes wet. They never feel fully clean until they embrace my home's machines and my mom's fabric softener. Also having Mom doing laundry when I come home leaves me feeling eternally grateful.

3. Having a source of income 

As boring and time-consuming as summer jobs can be, they're worth it when you get your first paycheck. Personally, I am very poor and am more than excited to start funding my back-to-school wardrobe for next fall (it will be here before we know it, people).

4. Seeing my best friends 

Just as there's nothing like college friends, there's nothing like the best friends you grew up with who you know will always be there for you no matter what (or how far away you are from each other). I am more than excited to catch up with them over our favorite light and sweet iced coffee and bagels.

5. Seeing my best friends (continued)

I'm lucky enough that my college friends live close enough to me that we're actually able to see each other over the summer. My weekends off from work are going to be filled with New York City trips and driving to see the places where my friends grew up (we can never stay away from each other too long).

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