Last Thursday my sister had a Tonsillectomy. Yeah, she gets to eat all the ice cream she wants. Well sorry to tell you this is a myth.

For 5 days it's water and pudding. Well, Tuesday comes around and an arterial bleed. This is rare as the surgeon said this only happens to about 1.2% of people. After fixing that problem, the clock starts again for her meaning barely any food for another 5 days.

Then I began to wonder what I could get her. Although she likes steak I know she just can't get up and eat a ribeye. So after wandering the store for what seemed like an hour here is what I can up with.

1. A Card

I tend to go for the humorous ones, or the ones that sing when you open it. Those can brighten there days just a bit.

2. Plushies

Having something to hold or squeeze when you're in pain always helps.

3. Coloring Books

Since she can't eat thought this could keep her mind busy for a bit.

4. Books

Since they have plenty of time just think about how many they could finish.

5. Popsicle

They seem a little more exciting then pudding but I'm sure by the time she eats she will be tired of them

6. Movies

Well she just can't LET IT GO. Disney makes everything better and magical.

7. Concert Tickets

Just remember mom promised you this one in the ER. Last time I was in the ER all I got was a damn McDonald's Milkshake. So make her get me one too.

8. A Warm Blanket

I know you've been a couch-potato lately but no one likes a cold potato so stay warm.

9. A Glass of Ice Water

If you're visiting don't make them get up.

10. PJs

Whats the point of getting dressed if your not going to leave the house? At least put some clean PJ's on.

11. Flowers

Brighten their day with bright colors.

12. Space

Don't text or call and just let them sleep. You know they need it.