Seeing My Mom In The Hospital Put My Life Into Perspective

Seeing My Mom In The Hospital Put My Life Into Perspective

The strength my mom showed made me that I had to be grateful to have her and everything else in my life.

As a kid in high school, I never really stopped to be grateful for the little things in my life. In all the hustle and bustle of high school, I was always focused on what I had to do, which was what I was told to do. Never before had I stopped rushing, calmed down and taken the time to ponder and to reflect on how fortunate I was to have all the things in life that I have. That is, until my mom had surgery.

I remember the day that she came home from the hospital after an MRI scan with a grim look on her face. I sat her down and asked what was wrong. When she told me that she would need surgery, I was really concerned, but I assured her that she would be fine and that we have great doctors here. She would be fine, right? I remember sitting on the couch, contemplating what my situation was.

However, when she had her surgery and was finally ready for us to visit her was when I realized how truly blessed I was. One of the things that I noticed was how fortunate I was to have my body functioning well. After my mom's surgery, she basically had to learn how to walk again. Time and time again I had to listen to her cries and moans of pain as she struggled to even get out of her bed. As I saw her trying her hardest to fight through the pain and move, I thought to myself – wow, I really am fortunate. I don't even think twice about walking. Meanwhile, there are people in this hospital who don't even have the ability to move any body part below their neck.

I started to see other people around the hospital, each with a unique disability in their bodies that hindered their ability to do even the simplest tasks. I really began to feel truly blessed. I could walk properly, eat properly, talk properly and do other daily functions without a second thought. It was time that I stopped taking that for granted.

Another thing that I realized was to not take my mom for granted. After seeing all the pain she went through in the hospital, I noticed how strong my mom was. Despite the hardship she was going through, she continued to be the caring and loving mother that she's always been. She would smile through all of the pain and let us know that she was fine, even though she was clearly not. Her constant shows of mental and emotional strength taught me to realize that I should never take my mother for granted.

Having such a strong, loving and caring mother while other kids my age were deprived of one is truly a blessing. Spending that week in the hospital with my recovering mother was an eye-opening experience,and it's one I know I won't forget for a long time.

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Cover Image Credit: Flickr Photography - Giancarlo Zortea

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Thank You, Mom

You are the best mom around and the greatest one to ever exist.

Hey Mom, I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do. I want to give you a reminder about why you're the best mom around and the greatest one to ever exist.

Thank you for being selfless.

You always make sure to put us first. You make sure that we're using our manners, following the rules, and living our lives to the fullest. You always make sure we are happy.

Thank you for all of your support.

You make sure to support us in everything we do. Even if you don't believe in what we're doing, you make sure to be there for us completely.

Thank you for always being there to help.

If we need money, food, advice, or anything... You are always there to help. Even if you are struggling, you make sure to help us.

Thank you for always listening.

Whenever I needed to vent about roommates, life, school, professors, stress, you name it, you've always been there to listen and give advice.

Thank you for teaching me how to be independent.

I went far from home but I knew how to be "independent". Yes, I may text and call you all the time, but most of the time, I can handle everything on my own.

Thank you for believing in me.

College definitely hasn't been easy for me. With you being there every step of the way, I am graduating on time and I am doing okay. There were times that I didn't believe in myself, but I had you there by my side to believe in me for me.

Thank you for teaching me that family is important.

With everything going on, you have always put family first. You make sure we all know that we are loved and you always find time to talk to everyone about their days and what we are doing. I know to always put McKenzie first because he is the beginning of my own little family. You helped me realize this.

Thank you for putting up with me.

I know I am a handful, and I especially was when I was younger. I could never behave at a restaurant (and especially not at a water park). I have always been needy, but it's been okay.

Thank you for being strong.

Things have been rough for you lately, but you never fail to remain as strong as you possibly can. You always put on a strong face even when you are broken, to make sure that we stay strong, too.

And of course, thank you for loving me, Mommy!

Cover Image Credit: Megan Trakalo

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