9 New Things To Try With Your S.O. In Quarantine
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9 New Things To Try With Your S.O. In Quarantine That'll Actually Make Staying Inside More Fun

To help you survive the boredom from corona time.

9 New Things To Try With Your S.O. In Quarantine That'll Actually Make Staying Inside More Fun

Social distancing has led to a lot of couples staying in quarantine together, but doing the same thing all day, every day can get pretty monotonous — and boring. So, to help spice up your co-quarantine life for you and your boo, here are 9 things to try together to break out of your routine.

Try a couple workout

There are a lot of fun couple workouts on YouTube that are free. A couple workout could be fun whether you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are prepping for the Olympics or just trying to have a laugh while burning off those tater tots.

Grow a plant together

You and your significant other growing plants together would be a great bonding experience! You could start with just one plant inside or start a whole garden outside. Checking in on your plants is a good way to break up the day when time seems to stand still for everything else in quarantine.

Try a Harry Potter virtual escape room

I love escape rooms, so this virtual Harry Potter Escape Room was fun to try. While it's not exactly like a normal escape room, it's still a good 20 minutes of fun with your partner.

Make a shared Pinterest board

Having a Pinterest board together could give you both a place to put things you want the other one to see. This could include activities you want to do together, memes, or anything else Pinterest has to offer. You both can pin things separately and look at the board when you have time. This could be good if you have differing work schedules.

Try a new recipe

Now could be the best time to make a fun dish that you have never had time to try. We are all stuck inside anyway, so you could both find recipes to try on your Pinterest board and get cooking your next Gordon Ramsey meal.

Get artistic

Another great use for your Pinterest board could be finding art projects to do together. There are so many possibilities ranging from guided canvas painting to making towel animals that you see on Carnival cruises.

Have a Nerf gun fight

Being in quarantine with your significant other could be getting a little tense being with them for 24 hours a day. Having a Nerf gun fight could be a fun stress reliever! To add a whole other level of fun, you could both make blanket forts to use in your epic Nerf gun battle.

Read a book together

Reading the same book, especially a murder mystery to embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes, would allow you to do something separately and then come back and talk about it. If you prefer audiobooks, Audible has a first month free trial that could be great to utilize while in quarantine.

Have a virtual double date playing games

Using Zoom to screen share a party game from Jackbox with another couple or just your friends could be a great pass time. Another option would be to play Pictionary with a free website called Skribbl while Facetiming with other people on another device.

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