Things You Can Do With Your Best Friend
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4 Things I Do With My Best Friends

Everyone loves their best friends since these are the people who you can go to for anything from cookie dough and a movie or just a good cry because either way we love our best friends.

4 Things I Do With My Best Friends
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Best friends are the types of people you can always count on for whatever you need. I have been so blessed in my life to have many people in different stages of my life be my best friend and some stay constant through it all. A best friend allows you to be one hundred percent yourself no matter what that looks like to you.

1. Who doesn't love a good dance party?

When it has been a long day you just got to dance it out even if you are like me and can't dance. Being able to not care what you look like and just dance it out feels so good. Whether it is a good old classic like Living on a Prayer or a newer bop like Thank You Next it is always an amazing memory to make when you dance with a friend.Who else would you rather dance with than your best friend? The best of friends will act a foul and dance along side you all the time!!

2. Making your best friend watch your favorite movie with you over and over and over again.

As my closest friends know Coco holds a special place in my heart. This movie has played over and over at my house since the day it came out. Even when I go to a friend's house they are kind enough to let me watch it for the thousandth time. A real friend will sit through a movie they have watched with you too many times and still laugh , smile , and even shed a tear a time or two.

3. Baking cookies with your best friend is one of the best ways to past time.

As my lifelong gal pals, Emily and Leah know all to well-making cookies is a good old tradition of friendship. There is nothing that makes friends closer than baking cookies or in my case eating most of the cookie dough. Something about the chocolate chip cookies in the oven gives me the happiest feeling but its even better when the warm cookie get out of the oven. These sweet treats can mend friendships, heal old wounds, and give out unconditional laughter to all. Baking cookies is so much more than just that it is how a friendship thrives.

4. Singing karaoke is a staple in friendships.

Singing is the go-to activity for me and my buddies. It could be in the car on the way to get coffee or in the house pretending to put on a mini concert. The go to soundtrack goes from Moana to Don't Stop Believing but whatever song it is we always sing a bit too loud. The performance may not be the best quality musically but you will never have a better time. Just sing your heart out and act like nobody is watching!

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