10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your 2020 Summer If You Live In Clearwater, FL
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10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your 2020 Summer If You Live In Clearwater, FL

Have fun!

10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your 2020 Summer If You Live In Clearwater, FL
Photo by Estera Nicoi on Unsplash

Now that states are opening back up, we can finally safely go outside again while following social distancing protocols. So, here's to making the most of the summer of 2020. Here are my top suggestions of how to make the most of your summer if you live near my hometown of Clearwater.

1. Spend the day at the beach

Clearwater beach is a great place to go if you are looking to get outside, have fun, and soak up the sun. Whether its tanning, swimming, walking, or kayaking you can be sure to find something you will love to do there. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can even find a sand dollar!

2. Support local artists at the Capitol Theater

Though there aren't any performances going on now, the owners sometimes open up the theater's gift shop so visitors can support local artists.

3. Grab a bite at Clear Sky

Clear sky is a popular restaurant in the area that serves American dishes, and I have always enjoyed what I have ordered there!

4. Go for a walk at Crest Lake Park

If you are looking to clear your mind, Crest Lake Park is a great place to for a walk. The park has beautiful lakeside trails that always leave me feeling refreshed. The park also has a picnic pavilion in case you want to bring a picnic lunch.

5. Take a trip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Because this is a non-profit aquarium that assists with the therapy and rescue and rehabilitation of injured marine animals, it is great to support. Here you can have fun and find marine animals such as, otters, sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, starfish, and the famous dolphin Winter from the movie Dolphin Tale.

6. Pick up an ice cream sandwich from The Mint Fox

The ice cream sandwiches from The Mint Fox are hands down the best I have had in Clearwater!

7. Walk through downtown Clearwater

Downtown Clearwater is a great place to go walk around because there is always something going on. From street performers to live music to movies at night on the lawn, there is always something happening there. Plus, there a bunch of restaurants and shops nearby that are fun to go into!

8. Walk on Pier 60

Located right in the center of Clearwater Beach, Pier 60 is a perfect spot to fish from or see spectacular views of the beach. I have seen so many fish that I normally wouldn't have seen walking on the beach by going on the pier.

9. Get a Drink at Restoration Cafe

Restoration cafe serves fantastic coffee and tea and always has quick service!

10. Explore Moccasin Lake Nature Park

If you want to see Florida wildlife, Moccasin Lake Nature Park is THE place to go. Every time I go for a walk there, I see at least five or six animals. The park even has an education center where staff talk to you about the native plant and animal species and where you should go in the park to see what species!

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