We come from a very judgmental society, and honestly there are so many things I'm just tired of. Here are five things I'm just tired of:

1. Double Standards:

Double standards come in many forms. For one, girls are shamed for sleeping around while guys are given a high five for concurring the most females. I'm tired of seeing men post that they want a woman who is lady like and respects herself enough to be with the minimum amount of men. Honesty if you want a girl who has never been with a man than you should be the same way and have never been with a woman. I'm also tired of double standards in media when it comes to color. This ranges from the negative pictures showed of African Americans for a crime similar or less severe than a white individual who has a more flattering picture that does not depict a criminal. It is also shown with the way we depict our celebrities. I'll just mention the fact that many black rappers have really good hearts, and donate and try to give back to society...yet we only here of the white singer who is really giving back for a tax break.


Why do people have to make comments about how someone else looks, or for what another person likes. If someone likes popular music or if someone likes music no one really knows about why do you care. Why do you feel like you have a place to talk about someones attendance in class. Where are you to think someone is dumb just because you're grades are better in math. People are so quick to judge another for something they are lacking in, but in the end those same people are lacking perspective, sympathy and understanding.

3. Hypocrites

I understand we are all hypocritical sometimes, but sometimes I just get tired of seeing it. Actually I should clarify, I'm tired of people being hypocritical on social media. Why is the people who say, "I don't say much on social media about...," for some reason have the most to say on social media.

4.People who post about their problems:

I'm not talking about posting about things that are meant to help others feel like they are not alone, I'm talking about the people who like to post about their ex. If you were in a relationship with someone than all of your problems with that person should be just between the two of you. You have no right to let the whole world know each others struggles and this goes for any type of relationships. I'd also just like to say that if you ever loved someone that in the end you would try and keep the problems you had just between the two of you, and if you are so petty to let others know than it just shows that what you had was never love.

5.People that always have something to say:

Why can't someone just have a happy post? Why is it someone always has to find something wrong and let that person know where so many different people can see it? In my honest opinion if you have something you see that looks negative on someones post just message them and let them know. Maybe they didn't realize they posted something that could possibly be taken personally, maybe they didn't realize they looked dumb in something they said.

All in all, I feel like all of this could be solved if people just thought of others more. Honesltly before you do or say something remember that your actions can offend another or create a negative picture of yourself in someones head.