The Things You Take For Granted Until You Go To College

The Things You Take For Granted Until You Go To College

There are quite a few people and things you might realize you took for granted once you're away at college.


There are quite a few things and people that we tend to take for granted until we go to college and start to miss them while we are away. Here's a short list of what I find that I miss the most when I am away at college.

1. Family

While I'm away at college, I definitely miss my family. It's so strange to go from seeing them all the time to mostly just weekends and breaks off from school.

2. Friends

It's an adjustment to go from seeing some of my friends at least like five days a week at school in high school to now only seeing them every now and then.

3. A home cooked meal.

Sure, there are good places to eat on campus and good places to get food off campus as well. But nothing compares to the food you're used to eating that your family cooks for you. When I come home, I definitely look forward to eating my family's delicious meals.

4. Favorite places back home.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has some favorite places that I like to visit once I go back home from school. Whether it's favorite food places, malls, parks, etc. there are many familiar and loved spots that you miss once you're away at school.

5. Driving

If you enjoyed driving back home, I'm sure you miss driving while you're away at college. Maybe you're lucky enough to have a car on campus, but even so, you might just miss driving down all the local streets you were familiar with back home.

6. Privacy

I really enjoy the dorming experience, but sometimes I definitely miss my privacy. It can be nice having a roommate, but sometimes we all still want and need our privacy and our own space.

7. Pets

Whether it's a dog, cat, guinea pig, or any other pet that you consider part of your family, it's not easy being away from them at college either.

8. Old School/Old Teachers

Maybe you might even miss your old school and a lot of the good times and memories you made there. You also might miss some of your old teachers and classes. I know for sure that I miss some of mine. I've had some incredible teachers and they have made big impacts on my life and inspired me so much.

This is just a short list of a few of the things and people that I miss and took for granted before going away to college. Going away to college is a huge adjustment, but it can also be a great one. I think it's helping me to grow and to be a more independent person. As much as I enjoy college, I always look forward to coming home and seeing all of these wonderful people in my life as well as seeing and doing a lot of the things that I used to love on a regular basis.

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