It's bittersweet when another year of college comes to an end because it means it's summertime and the living is easy, but it also means pressing pause on some of the best times of your life. Here are a few things we all miss when we're home for the summer.

1. Our friends, obviously.

In college, your friends become your family and you spend every day with them. But then summer rolls around and it feels like a piece of you is missing when they live across the country and you can't see them whenever you want.

2. Late night food runs.

For some reason I never started craving food late at night until I was in college and burritos at 1 am were literally across the street. But at home, the only thing across the street is my neighbors & they definitely won't appreciate my 1 am burrito run.

3. Having multiple closets to choose from.

You never have to worry about wearing the same outfit twice at school because your roommates and friends are always willing to share their clothes. I mean, one closet full of clothes is more than enough, but the luxury of knowing your outfit possibilities are endless is even better.

4. Complete freedom.

The freedom to come and go as you please, be spontaneous and make your own rules.

5. Nap time.

Admit it, we nap when we're toddlers and then pick up our old habit as soon as we get to college. There's no one at school to keep you from your nap or make you feel bad about it because the likelihood is, they're napping too.

6. Always having plans on a Friday night.

You never have to worry your Friday nights will result in you eating an entire pizza alone in bed while watching Netflix unless you want it that way. Otherwise, there will always be a social event for you to go to or friends to hang out with.

7. Being independent.

Our parents are great at letting us be independent when we're home, but there's something so satisfying about having the opportunity to do things for yourself and being entirely responsible for your decisions.