When life gets crazy it can be hard to remember the important things that make each day special. Take some time and make your own list to remind yourself why life is worth living.

1. Watching the sunrise or sunset

2. Unexpected mail

3. Pope Francis quotes and videos

4. Discovering beautiful places

5. Being in the chapel by myself

6. Bonfires in the summer

7. Playing with kids and babies

8. When friends share their stories

9. Ice cream and dark chocolate

10. Random acts of kindness

11. Jamming to my favorite music

12. Being with my family

13. Learning about the saints

14. Knowing tomorrow is a new day

15. The smell of something baking

16. Laughing until you cry

17. Knowing you made a difference

18. A good book

19. Hearing how much you mean to someone

20. Knowing you gave your all

21. Seeing plans come together

22. Looking at the stars

23. Making memories

24. The quiet voice of God

25. Hearing “thank you for being you”