Things That Annoy Me

1.) Slow People: I hate people who walk slowly in front of me. I'm sorry, but this is unforgivable. I'm not asking for anyone to walk fast, I'm just saying walk with a purpose you know?

2.) Some Parents: Now I could talk about this one for a while, but I can sum it down into two scenarios where some parents annoy me the most. The first one being when parents refuse to control their kids in a public place. When kids are loud and obnoxious, I can almost deal with that in most situations. However, when parents are completely oblivious to the situation, and just allow it to continue without a care in the world, that's when I get annoyed. The second situation is kind of like the other side of the coin. This is when some parents blow up on their kids whenever the kids do something minimal. I saw this all the time at my lifeguard job. Parents would yell at their young kids when they did almost nothing wrong, and I would get quite frustrated at that.

3.) Bad Drivers: I don't often think that I am the type of person with road rage, but the more I think about it, I am that person. Bad drivers or oblivious drivers honestly make me so mad.

4.) Phone Notifications: I feel like I get notifications almost every waking second of the day. 90% of them I don't even acknowledge at this point.

5.) Moms On Social Media: Now this one I definitely will catch heat for, but moms on social media annoy me.

6.) People Who Have Conversations Over The Phone On Speaker: This I will never understand. Why does anyone feel the need to let everyone know what they are talking about? On top of that, the speakerphone is meant for hands-free use. Therefore, why would you put the phone on the speaker just to hold it next to your ear?

I apologize for the semi-negative post but, I feel like a lot of people can relate to some of these things. :)

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