15 Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend For Right Now

Boyfriends: they are terribly annoying yet we love them anyways. Here is a list of things you should thank your boyfriend for that you might forget about or take for granted:

1. The way he makes you feel beautiful even when your looking bummy

2. His weird obsession with that thing that you don't quite understand but you love how his face lights up when he talks about it

3. His hard work and dedication not only to your relationship but also to his job, education, etc.

4. Him letting you eat all his food without saying a word or making you feel fat.

5. All the times that he made you smile

6. His smile

7. The times when you talked for hours and the moments when you didn't talk at all

8. The way he hates the people you hate

9. How he motivates and pushes you to be a better person

10. How he gets on board with all your dumb ideas even though he knows they are dumb

11. Late night runs to your favorite restaurant

12. His ability to brighten an especially crappy day

13. The way he makes you laugh with only facial expressions

14. When you fall asleep on his arm and he doesn't move even though he can't feel his arm so he won't disturb you

15. Kisses on the cheek

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