15 Things You've Said If You Hate Going Out

15 Things You've Said If You Hate Going Out

"Has anyone checked the weather for this weekend?"

Whether you hate going out in general, or only love it very selectively, there are a few key excuses your friends are probably tired of hearing from you by now. Hey, at least you're not telling them that your dog ate your homework right? You like to think you're a little bit more believable than that.

1. "Why don't we just have a night in?"

Because starting with alternative suggestions is always great.

2. "I'm not really feeling up to it tonight"

You know, just tonight, not every night or anything.

3. "I already went out last weekend"

Maybe not exactly last weekend, three weekends ago, who's counting?

4. "I'm gonna have a "me night" tonight"

Takeout, Netflix and fuzzy socks. You can't get that combo at the bars.

5. "Has anyone checked the weather for this weekend?"

If it's below sixty five degrees we're not going out and if it's over seventy, probably too hot.

6. "I'll come over but I need to be home early"

Why? Because I want to be.

7. "I'm too tired"

It's not a lie, you are very tired, but there are more factors than that.

8. "I'm already in bed"

Right where I want to be.

9. "I have a paper to write tomorrow"

Gotta be fully rested so I can really MLA cite those sources like a pro.

10. "There are going to be too many people out"

The bars will be crowded, drinks will be spilled. It would be awful.

11. "There won't be enough people out"

It's dead week, no one wants to go out and we don't want to be the only people at the bar.

12. "I can't dance"

Sorry, no fun to go dancing if you just stand there swaying awkwardly all night.

13. "I have to be up early tomorrow"

Is this the same as 'I can't be out late'? Yes, but you can't use the same excuse two nights in a row.

14. "I don't want to run into you know who"

Voldemort? Maybe. The boy you dated and is always at the same parties as you and your friends? Probably more likely and more awkward.

15. "No"

Because sometimes keeping it simple and honest is the best answer.

Cover Image Credit: TheMidult

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Cover Image Credit: https://pixabay.com

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21 Thoughts All College Girls Have The Morning After Going To The Bar


Bar night is a highlight of the typical college girls week. This also means that the Friday's after bar night might just be the worst days of the week. We've all been there. Waking up and forcing yourself to get dressed and trek across campus to make it to your 10 A.M. can be the worst feeling of the week. If you even make it out the door, you're bound to have a few of these thoughts pop through your head.

1. **Alarm goes off**


3. Ugh, I cannot miss this class

4. **Checks syllabus to see if I can miss one more time**

5. Shit, I'm already at my limit

6. If I don't throw up brushing my teeth, I'm gonna consider that a win

7. Who bought us rumple shots?!?!


9. **Goes to get dressed, realizes I have no clean clothes**

10. Grabs dirty shirt because who cares if I'm gonna smell like alcohol anyway?

11. Holy shit is the sun always this bright!?!

12. It's only a twenty-minute walk to my class, I think I can make it

13. Why are there so many people walking to class today?!?!

14. Get out of my way

15. Do people really need to ask me if I went out last night? Is that not clearly obvious?

16. If this frat boy talks about how many tequila shots he took last night one more time, I will seriously throw up

17. I wonder whats worse: the smell of alcohol coming through my pores, or the fact that my hair smells like smoke?

18. Oh its the smoke for sure, why do they still let people smoke in bars!?!?

19. Oh god, even my professor is giving me the look, he knows!

20. Should I go get taco bell after this?

21. No that definitely wouldn't end well

Cover Image Credit: Facebook

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