15 Things You've Said If You Hate Going Out

15 Things You've Said If You Hate Going Out

"Has anyone checked the weather for this weekend?"

Whether you hate going out in general, or only love it very selectively, there are a few key excuses your friends are probably tired of hearing from you by now. Hey, at least you're not telling them that your dog ate your homework right? You like to think you're a little bit more believable than that.

1. "Why don't we just have a night in?"

Because starting with alternative suggestions is always great.

2. "I'm not really feeling up to it tonight"

You know, just tonight, not every night or anything.

3. "I already went out last weekend"

Maybe not exactly last weekend, three weekends ago, who's counting?

4. "I'm gonna have a "me night" tonight"

Takeout, Netflix and fuzzy socks. You can't get that combo at the bars.

5. "Has anyone checked the weather for this weekend?"

If it's below sixty five degrees we're not going out and if it's over seventy, probably too hot.

6. "I'll come over but I need to be home early"

Why? Because I want to be.

7. "I'm too tired"

It's not a lie, you are very tired, but there are more factors than that.

8. "I'm already in bed"

Right where I want to be.

9. "I have a paper to write tomorrow"

Gotta be fully rested so I can really MLA cite those sources like a pro.

10. "There are going to be too many people out"

The bars will be crowded, drinks will be spilled. It would be awful.

11. "There won't be enough people out"

It's dead week, no one wants to go out and we don't want to be the only people at the bar.

12. "I can't dance"

Sorry, no fun to go dancing if you just stand there swaying awkwardly all night.

13. "I have to be up early tomorrow"

Is this the same as 'I can't be out late'? Yes, but you can't use the same excuse two nights in a row.

14. "I don't want to run into you know who"

Voldemort? Maybe. The boy you dated and is always at the same parties as you and your friends? Probably more likely and more awkward.

15. "No"

Because sometimes keeping it simple and honest is the best answer.

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Here's To The Year Of Girls Doing Whatever The Hell They Want To

Because it's about damn time.

Every year, we make our NY resolutions. However, usually when March rolls around, we start to lose sight of it and fall back into our old ways.

We all do it, it is inevitable.

But there's one New Years resolution that I think the female community, as a whole, has got to start doing. We have got to start doing whatever the hell we want to, and stop relying on other people.

I've heard so many girls say, "yeah I really want to do this but so and so won't like it..." or "yeah I don't know if I'm going to go out tonight because so and so wants me to stay in".

Here is what I say to that.


As women, we have to raise a little more hell and make more of a mark on this world. We have to go out with the attitude that we are going to change the world in amazing ways, and that all starts with doing exactly what YOU want to do. There is a time and a place for having a man in your life that somewhat has a say in what you do, and that is when you are married. So until then, we should be doing exactly what we want to do. We should be saying exactly what we want to say.

Stop waiting for that guy who hasn't texted you back for a week to text you. Go out, go meet someone new. Stop waiting. Go live your life. Stop waiting for your ongoing relationship that has been dragged out for forever to end. End it. Stop waiting for approval from everyone else and start doing what you want.

It's about damn time.

This isn't to say that you aren't allowed to be in a relationship, or you're not allowed to fall madly in love. All I'm saying is that we have to focus on what we want. If you want love, great. Go for it. But don't be in an unhappy relationship wishing that you could go out, but being stuck at home instead. Get your girl gang together and go out.

This is the year that we should look back on with happiness and know that we've done exactly what we set out to do. While we should have our sights set on important things like our careers and education, we should also have our sights set on having a good time. Life should never be taken too seriously.

This is the year to be rebellious and free and to live our young years to the fullest. We won't be this free forever, and whether you realize it or not, you are the freest at this moment that you are ever going to be in your life.

Cover Image Credit: Marion Michele

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5 Things UND Students Relate To On A Personal Level About Drinking In Grand Forks

We don't only drink the occasional Busch Latte or Natty Lights because they're cheap and effective.

We can't drink our beer on a sandy beach like those that go to the U in Miami Florida. We can't play beer darts in January after golfing like those that go to ASU. We can't ever play beer pong outside like any other college student anywhere else, because Chicago is falsely labeled as "The Windy City" compared to Grand Forks.

So, we resort to drinking indoors six months out of the year at the wonderful establishments that understand our weekday struggles and our weekend aspirations.

1. O'really's has the best specials on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays

Ah, Oreally's. The Irish pub that is mostly inhabited by those who aren't a lick of Irish. UND student's know O'really's is the home to the twice a week tea party on Thursdays and Sundays. $1.50 long island teas doesn't quite have the same ring to it as dollar long island teas, but we will still fork out the extra money we should be spending on laundry day, to get a little bit tipsy (or a lot) midway through the week, or after a weekend full of far too much money being spent on alcohol.

So throw your reds in with your whites, wear your new favorite pink shirt downtown, and use those quarters you saved to buy yourself a long island tea after you finished cleaning your clothes. But, we all beg them to drop the price back down to $1. It makes it a little easier to double fist all night long, and it has a better ring to it.

Oh, and Wednesdays are meant for those that like the Irish part of O'really's. Irish music, Irish beer, and Irish whiskey are all the special pieces that make Wednesday nights a dream for those who don't have class early on Thursday mornings.

2. The layout of downtown bars is a blessing, especially for winter weather

Everyone has a bar they start at. Luckily, that bar is only 2 blocks away from everyone's end point. The bars everyone goes to are all spaced out within a 3 block walking distance. So each bar that you hop to is not very far away from the next bar you plan on going to.

A lot of people actually have a traditional bar hopping order as well. For mine, I usually start at Bonzers, promptly make my way down the street to the loft, then meander my way around the corner to O'really's. From there, I'll either attempt to cross the street to Brick & Barley's or end up crawling, stumbling, or tight-roping my way to good ol' Joe Blacks. Either way, I always end at Joe Blacks. Just like everyone else.

3. Your mamma was right, nothing good ever happens after midnight, especially at Joe Blacks

You end your night at Joe Blacks. It's an unwritten rule - everyone that is hammered usually gallivants their way on the sidewalks of 3rd street, all the way down to Joe Blacks after midnight.

Oh, the things you will see at Joe Blacks on any given Friday or Saturday night. 95% of the 21 and over UND community, that participates in downtown festivities, has a story or two about late-night Joe Blacks binges. We love the place. It's a reunion spot for absolutely every college kid that goes downtown.

Most of the time, it's where you'll find your friend that went a little too far during the pregame party and somehow convinced everyone it was a good idea to let them go downtown. It's a magical place full of people. Do not take it lightly when I say "full." Most of the time, it takes you forever to get from the door to the bathroom, or from the bathroom to the bar.

4. The Parrot's Cay has the absolute best chicken wings — but reader beware, if you aren't 21, I wouldn't dare

The closest thing any of us will get to a beach or even an ocean atmosphere during the semester is The Parrot's Cay. The wings will make you never want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings ever again. Especially because the price of a full order of wings and a pitcher of beer on Wednesday and Thursday nights is only 16 dollars. A little more than the laundry money spoke of earlier, but it's well worth it for the amazing wings and ale you're consuming in return.

However, if you even think you can get away with using a fake ID, don't do it at the Cay. The guy that seems to always be the one checking identification examines it like a hawk for a good amount of time, long enough to make you almost want to confess if you're using a fake; he is on par with an actual ID scanner, in my opinion. Just do yourself a favor, and don't even try.

5. You can try take away Springfest from UND, but you'll never be able to REALLY take Springest away from UND

The Saturday after reading and review day, of the spring semester, is by far the most fun-filled day you will have while binge drinking in college, mainly because you're doing everything but reading and reviewing for finals during that weekend. Freshman experiencing it for the first time will be sad after it passes on their final spring semester.

Some kids purposely graduate in the spring to take part in it. Some kids plan their schedule around it. Some kids will mark it on their calendar and have countdowns for it. After being pent up indoors, it's finally nice enough to go outside, play beer darts, walk all the way down University, and just socialize outdoors with a beer in hand. Just be careful to stay on private property. UPD will bust you if you have alcohol on public property.

Cover Image Credit: North Dakota Tourism

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