12 Things All People in High School Drama Club Know To Be True

12 Things All People in High School Drama Club Know To Be True

Because putting on a musical is a one of a kind experience.


High school sucks. Some kids spend their time trying to fit in with the crowd, while some are just trying to make it to graduation. Putting on a musical with your high school drama club, however, was a way for one particular group of students to express their talents and escape into a new universe of theater. During this process, it's inevitable the drama club becomes closer than any high school sports team could understand.

Here's the list of things everyone who was in high school drama club knows to be true:

1. Auditions are more stressful than any academic exam.

You spent hours preparing the right piece to show off your voice part, and that sometimes got in the way of studying

2. You won’t always get the lead.

Even if you really deserve it. But that’s okay, there are no “small parts” in theater.

3. You try to predict the cast every year.

You and your drama friends cast the entire show even before auditions.

4. Cast sleepovers always include choreography and harmony practice.

You can’t help but review the new dance steps you spent last rehearsal learning, and those three-part harmonies.

5. Broadway show tunes will be stuck in your head constantly.

Randomly, songs from that show you did two years ago will be stuck in your head all day long, and you feel ridiculous singing it out loud because no one will have heard of it.

6. No such thing a privacy between cast members.

This is high school drama club, so there’s probably one classroom that serves as a unisex dressing room. Plus, there’s never time to worry about privacy during a quick-change.

7. Helping out backstage is a must.

Whether you like it or not, you won't always be center stage. Everyone has helped paint a set once.

8. You will make references to parts of the script for the rest of your life.

Which are hilarious to you and your drama friends, but make absolutely no sense to someone who hasn’t been rehearsing the show for weeks.

9. There will be drama in the drama club.

When someone starts criticizing an acting technique, the male and female leads actually wind up in a romantic relationship, or the director ‘okays’ some cheesy choreography... you can't go a season without some tears.

10. Cast parties are the best.

No way to celebrate the closing of a show without some cake and whole lot of reminiscing the rehearsal process.

11. Putting on a high school production is hard.

The only people who truly understand how dedicated you have to be to put on a musical are the ones at the high school auditorium at 9 a.m. for Saturday rehearsals.

12. There’s no friendship like the ones that exist between cast members.

Because rehearsing and performing a musical with these people made you family, and closer than any other high school club.

A cast that's been through the scales and sweat and character-searching it takes to put on a production is a cast that will be friends for life.

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