Fellow Oklahomans, the following are 25 things that we never say:

1. "I love how the weather changes every few hours!"

2. "That wouldn't taste good deep fried."

3. "It's called soda -- not pop."

4. "Bedlam weekend? No, I'm not busy that weekend."

5. "What's a calf fry?"

6. "It's storming; let's stay inside where it's safe!"

7. "It's such a still day today."

8. "I'm not bitter that Kevin Durant left."

9. "Back roading? Nah, I don't want to get my truck muddy."

10. "There's too much BBQ sauce on this."

11. "Gosh, I love Oklahoma summers."

12. "Paying tolls is the best."

13. "No thank you, I don't want anything from Sonic."

14. "Who's Ree Drummond?"

15. "I don't know anyone who's met, Garth Brooks."

16. "What's a sooner?"

17. "What's a poke?"

18. "Football isn't that important."

19. "No, I don't know of any good places to get cheese fries."

20. "The Thunder aren't even that good."

21. "I'm not busy at 10:30 on a Sunday morning."

22. "I don't really like steak."

23. "I don't really like beer either."

24. "QuikTrip is my least favorite gas station."

25. "I don't know the lyrics to 'Oklahoma!'"