Things Millennials Are Done Hearing
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Things Millennials Are Done Hearing

Want to tell us that we're all lazy and self entitled one more time?

Things Millennials Are Done Hearing

"You're lazy"

Yeah we’re so lazy trying to find a job so we can afford things like college – something that has been pushed on us since we were in middle school. We’re so lazy when we’re faced with a lot of pressures in life, such as dealing with the fact that people can’t take us seriously because of our age group. I’ve met some preeeeeeeetty lazy people of all ages, ranging from ten to fifty. So, don’t go assuming that all millennials are sloth-like just because of a reputation – because that’s not really fair.

"You're a narcissist"

I mean, I can see when you’re coming from considering generation Y has literally been alive since the internet was invented. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make it easy to seem like we’re narcissistic. And I guess the song “The Selfie Song” by the Chainsmokers didn’t exactly help out with the stereotype of our age group, huh? Either way, anyone can be a self entitled narcissist – not just millennials. We’ve just grown up with technology, so it’s something we’re used to always taking advantage of.

"You've gone off the tracks"

Aka you’ve all gone crazy with your fandoms and stuff. Older generations have troubles understanding fandoms, and memes, and other platforms for fan based things. So I can see why our excitement and moments of geeking out can be overwhelming and also confusing. But that doesn’t mean that we’re losing our marbles. We’re just passionate – and again, it’s 2016. I’m sure there wasn’t a thing literally called a “fandom” back in 1950. And Scott Pilgrim didn’t exist yet. AndHarry Potter wasn’t around. Same with Supernatural or Stranger Things. Nope. Not around. If there was, you’d be geeking out, too. But wait a minute… weren’t you all throwing yourself at Elvis Presley back in the day? Mhm. Let us have ours – millennial style.

"You'll never grow up"

I’ll never grow up? Really? Well apparently you did. Is it because our

mistakes are seemingly exposed so heavily than most generations? So what

makes it different for me? Because I’m apart of a new-age generation

who is exposed to technology and more free thinking? Does that make me

immature or useless? Nobody is perfect (obviously) and you have no right

to assume someone is going to stay immature for the rest of their life

just because they’re from generation Y.

"You just make excuses"

We’re very sick and tired of hearing about this over-used assumption. Not everyone from our generation makes up excuses. Just because a some people from the population show signs of laziness because they don’t want to do something, doesn’t ultimately mean that we’re all liars who like to thrive on making excuses to get by. I’m starting to see a trend here…

"You're a lost generation"

How are we a lost generation? Is it because it seems like we don’t know what we’re doing? Isn’t that any human being trying to grow up and take control of their twenties? It isn’t easy. There are times where we seem like we’re going off of the deep end, but that’s only because of this messy world we’re stuck in and all of the things we are constantly consuming in this society. We’re not a lost generation or whatever you want to call it. We’re just learning and trying to find ourselves and nobody really knows what they’re doing.

"You're irresponsible"

We get it. We suck. We can’t adult. We can’t prioritize. We can’t budget. We fail.

If people continue to treat millennials like they are selfish, egotistical, ignorant, irresponsible lazy young adults, then they’re going to continue acting like them. It’s almost like society is putting us young people in our places, or that they want us to be exactly how they describe us: entitled brats. Just like the whole world of millennials isn’t the stereotype that they have unfortunately been given, not all baby boomers or generation x individuals are judgmental of the generation following them. It’s important to keep an open mind and to not generalize all of population and put them in groups or boxes with adjectives that label them and their personalities. And with that, I just want to say – as a millennial myself – to give my generation some slack. We have our own struggles that we’re battling, and not everything is handed to us like most of the world thinks. We all come from different backgrounds and it is crucial to keep that in mind.

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