Being a lifeguard is one of the best jobs that anyone can have, considering you get to spend your entire day outside. The summer holds the best weather, and you're able to enjoy it each and every day while also getting your tan on. Watching over the lives of people young and old has its many perks, but it can also have its cons.

Overall, becoming a lifeguard was one of the best decisions I ever made. After lifeguarding for about five years, I've noticed you start to fall into a pattern and find that some things will never change.

1. Having to constantly yell at the same kids who already know the rules.

Sometimes it seems like kids break the rules just for fun. Believe me, I've definitely done it when I was little, but it's annoying when you're on the other end of it.

2. You pray to God for a rainstorm or thunder.

What's better than sitting inside during a rainstorm and getting paid to do so? Maybe dancing in the rain?

3. Turtles, snakes, and other wildlife are always interrupting a normal shift.

It seems like all hell breaks loose when animal pops up out of the water when people are swimming. If you don't bother the wildlife, they won't bother you!

4. Having mini heart attacks every time a kid does a flip off the diving board.

Sometimes the kids get so damn close to hitting their heads. My heart never seems to go back to beating normally until they safely enter the water.

5. Bonding with your fellow guards over the course of the summer.

Having your annual "end of the summer" dinner makes you way more emotional than you thought. Your co-workers are more like your family, and it's so much fun bonding over the crazy moments you all experience together.

6. Wanting to yell at the one family that comes down to swim in the crappiest weather possible.

You are the only thing standing between me and going home. PLEASE come back when the weather is actually nice.

7. Becoming BFFs with the kids is so much fun.

After a full year of not seeing your favorite kids, it's nice to catch up with them and ask how their school year was. They're too adorable and what make the job so great. It's pretty cool to be able to see them grow over the years, too.

8. Blowing all of your money on the food at the snack stand.

Eating hot pockets for lunch every day is what gets me through my shift. Any possible moment of boredom somehow ends up with you handing over your money for food. By the end of the summer, you'll be paying in coins.

9. Losing multiple whistles over the span of the summer.

Every lifeguard knows it's just normal to swing your whistle around your finger while on stand. We've all had those moments where it flies off your hand and into the water. In a pool, you'll most likely be able to see it and fish it out, but in a lake, it's a goner within seconds.

10. Realizing how sad you are that the summer has come to an end.

Being a lifeguard in a small lake community is something so special. Everyone's love for the lake is what makes me happy to go to work every day. Once summer is over, it's sad to think that you won't be back at the lake for almost 10 months.

Guarding lives can be a very tough and serious job, but it really is something that has made me into who I am today. I wouldn't change any of my memories or experiences for the world.