Men are... Interesting, to say the least. I’ve had boyfriends and lived in dorms and apartments next to boys, but actually living with them is a whole different situation. I recently saw this twitter thread from that broke down what it’s like to live with women. It’s, honestly, extremely accurate. After reading the thread, I decided to exploit my experiences living with four boys for content.

1. They never sleep.

Like, I’m an insomniac and they still have me beat. I can come home at 3 a.m. after the bars close, and they’ll be wide awake and asking if I want to start a new series on Netflix. Then they’ll be up, ready to do it all again the next day. Their stamina is mind-blowing.

2. I genuinely don't know if they can cook.

The first time I watched my roommate use the stove, our fire alarm went off for 30 minutes. He was making a grilled cheese, y’all. This baffles me... We have two fridges and a pantry, all stocked with food. Yet all I ever see them eat is delivery, or, on rare occasion, takeout.

3. Living with frat boys means that I don’t just live with the boys who pay rent here.

To loosely paraphrase what SZA once said, “My house is my house, their house, that’s their house too.” I once woke up to get some water and found four non-roomie boys slumped on each corner of the couch, Juuls in hand. They’re so sweet when they’re quiet.

4. They’re clean... Until they’re not.

Guys, somehow, own wayyy less stuff than I do. I can’t speak for all ladies, but I, personally, own a lot of things. Our house, while it may have one too many pong tables, doesn’t contain a lot of things. Just the basic utilities, plus a TV, speakers, and an Xbox. The common area usually stays surprisingly clean... Until someone decides to throw a party. Then, somehow, we now own all the things. And it’ll stay like that for days, or until I freak out and they clean it up so they don’t have to hear my voice anymore.

5. There is never a shortage of alcohol.

If I buy a 40 oz., they’ll buy a case. If I bring home a 30-rack, they’ll bring home a keg. The amount of alcohol these boys can consume in a weekend is concerning, to say the least.

6. Any situation is an excuse to party.

Exam tomorrow? Study party. Going home for the weekend? “Going away” party. Sunny and 75? Darty. The possibilities are endless with them

All in all, it’s kind of nice having a bunch of guys as roommates because they’re always down to watch TV at 3 a.m., play video games, order food, grab a drink, talk trash, and start a Nerf war.