12 Things I Learned At UNC That Can't Be Taught In Class
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12 Things That I Have Learned At UNC-Chapel Hill That Can Not Be Taught Inside A Classroom

"1. I don't want to go to grad school."

12 Things That I Have Learned At UNC-Chapel Hill That Can Not Be Taught Inside A Classroom

My dad has always told me that what you really learn in college is how to deal with people, how to spit out work that other people want, and how to start being independent. While a lot of my classes have taught me some awesome material, I still learn tons outside of the classroom just by being a college student.

1. I don't want to go to grad school.


Grad school was 100% my plan before starting freshman year. October of freshman year, I changed my mind.

2. Picking the right professor is what matters.


The class meeting time doesn't matter. The class material doesn't matter. Your skills only marginally matter. What can really make or break your class grade is who is teaching it — thanks, ratemyprofessor!

3. Join clubs to make friends!


I've made all my closest friends by being in the same club as them — and classmates are viable options, but let's be honest: not everyone is at their friendliest when they're trying to take notes or when they're trying to sleep.

4. Sleep is so important.


In high school, I would sleep from about 1am-6am every weeknight and it was pretty rough. Now, I am in bed at around 11 every night and the earliest I ever wake up is 7:15. Working throughout the day is a much better system for me than enjoying my day socializing and then cramming work in at night. Sleep has made such a massive difference for me!

5. How to cook!!!


I knew how to make some basic things in high school, but my boyfriend and I have started experimenting with more difficult recipes and I'd dare say that we've become pretty dang good cooks. The dining hall is fine and all, but when you're craving something home cooked and mom's not around, the next best thing is to do it yourself!

6. How to do laundry.


This is another thing that I kinda understood but not really. I now know which items of mine can do in the dryer and which I should let hang from my drying rack to prevent shrinking. #adulting

7. All the small talk.


You run into new people constantly on a campus as big as UNC's, which means that you quickly become a pro at small talk. Bonus points if you actually become friends with the person!

8. Cherish diversity!


There are so many cool people here that I would not have ever gotten the chance to meet or understand in my old country town. Here, I run into people of many different religions, races, abilities, identities, and interests and it has really helped me to see the world in a clearer, more fulfilling way. You can teach this in a classroom all you want, but experience is definitely the best way to truly learn about other people.

9. How to get ready in 15 minutes flat


I've always showered at night which has always saved me time, but I wouldn't have dared to show up to a day of high school without having spent at least 10 minutes on my makeup.

Now, I roll out of bed, throw my hair in a ponytail (without brushing it, judge me), slap on foundation and mascara, brush my teeth, and get dressed with the ultimate speed!

10. What I want.


This one was a biggie, and my mom always told me it would happen. But like with most motherly advice, I didn't exactly believe it.

I knew I wanted to major in psychology upon entering college, but that was it. Since I've been here, I've picked up an advertising major as well and have narrowed down my interests and skills. It'll come, trust me!

11. You don't have to love (or understand) sports to enjoy them!


I'm so unsporty.

I just can't follow what's going on, and if I'm lucky, I'll know like three players on whatever teams that are playing. But the energy of sports games at UNC is so fun and I enjoy them nonetheless!

12. I'm still special, even in a sea full of super smart students.


My greatest fear before coming to UNC was that suddenly not being "the smart one" anymore would ruin me. Surprise, it didn't!

I'm strikingly average here, really, but it doesn't bug me. If anything, it's less pressure to live up to! But on a more serious note, I've come to learn more about who I am rather than how or where I fit in. I have a better feel for my talents, for what makes me happy, and for what kind of a person I am. It's been an awesome learning curve!

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