8 Things I Learned After Freshman Year Of College
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8 Things I Learned After Freshman Year Of College

There are so many things that I wish I had known going in

8 Things I Learned After Freshman Year Of College
Savannah Deuer

Freshman year of college is a mix of many emotions: fear, excitement, uneasiness, and my personal favorite, sleep deprivation. There are so many new experiences, either for the good or the bad, that can shape the experience from the first step on campus during move-in day to getting in your mom's car after checking out. If there's anything that I could say to myself during the first week of college, here it all is.

1. Do things that interest you

I feel like first semester, I was more focused on doing what my friends wanted to do, even when it wasn't something I wanted to do.

2. Focus on yourself

Stop trying to make everyone else happy and have them like you. Sometimes there are just going to be people who you don't get along with, so focus on making yourself happy instead of other people.

3. Don't cry as much over math

I know it felt impossible, but I promise you that you made it through. Even though you felt like a failure, it taught you to believe in yourself and helped your confidence.

4. Do things that make you happy

If you want to go to that hockey game, then you go. If you want to go to the gym on a Friday night instead of going to a party, then go. If your friends and the people around you judge your actions, move on from them and focus on the good people in your life.

5. Do something new

I didn't join the boxing club until the second semester, and I really regret not joining earlier, because it gave me an outlet to deal with so many obstacles as well as helping me stay active. The people I met in the club are some of my best friends and are like a second family to me. Plus punching things is really fun.

6. Take your time on things

Don't be focused on dating right away, wait for the right time. I rushed into a relationship once I got to college and it ended very badly, to the point where the two of us can't be in the same room together. The right relationship will just happen, don't try to focus on supporting someone else when so much is new to you.

7. Don't allow yourself to be pushed around

I had to stand up for myself against someone who was very aggressive towards me and who had to be very close to me, and even though confrontation was difficult, I forced myself to do it and became a stronger person because of it.

8. Be prepared to cry

You may not cry over math as much, but sometimes you'll really just need a good cry. The stress of college can really get to you sometimes, and emotional distress doesn't help that. But you've been through worse, and you can get through this as well.

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