13 Things You Know If You're From Georgia

13 Things You Know If You're From Georgia

If you live in the Peach State, this one is for you.

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There are certain things that living in Georgia teaches you. No matter which part of the state that you live in, you are instilled with certain knowledge that only Georgians understand. This knowledge applies to all sorts of things in The Peach State: from local slang, to pronouncing names of towns that look nothing like their spelling, to knowing how to navigate through the streets with almost identical names, to knowing where the best sweet tea is served. Being a Georgian has it's benefits. Here are thirteen things you're guaranteed to know if you are a member of The Peach State.

1. The Dawgs Vs. The Yellow Jackets: You Have To Pick A Side.

Whether you side with University of Georgia (UGA), Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), or live in a house divided by their favorite teams, you know that Georgians represent their teams with fervor. You have most likely been asked which team you support, whether or not you really have a favorite (but you probably do). So whether you're a Dawg, or a Yellow Jacket, you should be proud - because you're a Georgian.

2. Coca-Cola is our lifeblood.

This internationally known soft drink is an invention of a Georgian man named John Stith Pemberton, who came up with a version of the famous drink in a pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. Although "Coke" was invented a long time ago, it is still an integral part of Georgia. In more modern times, Coca-Cola still has an affect on Atlanta. The World of Coke opened it's doors in Atlanta in 1990, becoming a successful museum where you can taste-test various flavors of coke. It still operates today!

3. You've Been Asked What Kind Of Coke You Want.

This doesn't just refer to regular, cherry or diet. We Georgians have a tendency to call all soft drinks "Coke." So when someone asks you, "What kind of Coke do you want?" Feel free to reply with "Sprite."

4. You're Familiar With One Or More of These Doozies of A Place.

You're probably a Georgian if you know Atlanta is pronounced "Ad-lanna", that Coweta County is pronounced "Kai-eeta" County, that Dacula has nothing to do with vampires, that Dahlonega isn't that hard to spell, that Macon rhymes with bacon, that Hoschton sounds like "Hoosh-ton", that Cairo doesn't have mummies (and is pronounced "Kay-Row") or that Smyrna is pronounced "Smur-na." You also know that nobody calls it Hotlanta, at least not anymore. Just the thought of that name makes you a little uncomfortable.

5. So Many Roads are Named After Peach Trees.

It's easy to get lost in Georgia, especially if you want to go to Peachtree Street , but end up on Peachtree Parkway, or Peachtree Way, or Peachtree Avenue, or Peachtree Drive. With so many streets with similar names, it's no wonder that traffic is always so bad. People keep getting lost! In fact, there are 71 streets named Peachtree in Atlanta. So, make sure to pay close attention to whether it's a street, avenue, drive, etc.

6. The Weather is Unpredictable.

The weather is never the same day-to-day, or even year-to-year. You never know what to be prepared for. Sometimes it snows in April, sometimes it's warm in January (which we call a Blackberry Winter.) We have even lived through a Snowpocalypse, but we're not proud of it. You can try to turn to the weathermen for help, but they're just as confused as you are.

7. You Tell People Who Aren't From Georgia That You're From Atlanta.

Sometimes it's just easier to tell people you're from Atlanta. It's probably the only city in Georgia they have ever heard of. Even if you live 50 miles away, you can get away with it.

8. You Can Get Sweet Tea Almost Anywhere.

It's pretty much guaranteed, no matter which restaurant or fast-food chain you choose to dine at, you can get a sweet tea with your meal. You can even get it in cans at the gas station. I wonder if they'll ever make an IV full of sweet tea for us Georgians.

9. You Have Been Victimized By Fire Ants.

Fire ants are some of the most evil bugs to walk the planet. Unfortunately, they have made themselves right at home in Georgia. You've probably been bitten while cutting the grass, or at a barbecue, or maybe even in your own driveway. You probably also know why they're called fire ants, given how bad their stings seem to burn.

10. Something You Own Has Been Stained With Red Clay.

You've probably been covered in the red clay that has it's home right here in Georgia. You may have made mud pies in it as a child. You may have walked barefoot through it. No matter what you did, you probably have ruined a good pair of shoes, or jeans with it.

11. You Were Raised To Call Anyone Even Slightly Older Than You "Sir" or "Ma'am."

You were taught from a very early age to respect your elders, and along with that respect came the use of the words "sir" and "ma'am" on a regular basis. The weird part is when you start getting to the age where little children are calling you "sir" or "ma'am", and having to adjust it accordingly.

12. You Know That Georgia Isn't Exactly Like TV or Films Show It.

Georgia has changed since "Gone With The Wind" was released in 1939. The whole state doesn't look like the locations in the Walking Dead (and it certainly isn't over run with zombies!) And even though it's a great movie, everything doesn't always turn out as good as it does in "Beauty Shop".

13. All the Stereotypes Aren't True.

Although we may all be Georgians, that doesn't mean we're all the same. We have different personalities, personal preferences, hobbies, etc. We don't all talk with a drawl. We don't all wear camo all the time. But even for those who do, so what? We are who we are, and you can never take that away from us. Together, we are Georgians and we are proud.

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