AH Junior year...the peak of everyone's high school career. This year has for sure been so great and so bad. I mean its junior year of high school and somethings that happened I kind of expected but a lot happened that I didn't. Through the 5 months of dreadful days and weeks here is a few things that happened and I learned.

Its okay to stress

Go ahead and just do it 

Be open to new friends 

Believe in yourself(sounds cheesy but its true)

Please do not let one grade upset you 

Just work and get it done

Every moment you spend working....the quicker you get to chill

Put yourself out there. You never know what can happen

Start working early...Don't Procrastinate 

Be accepting to new friends and opportunities 

Don't deal with drama

Grades and your academics are important but it doesn't decide your future

You start to find your true friends

You might think you have your life planned but you're wrong 

Remember that junior year is hard but you work harder.....Don't give up