Things That Happen When You are a Tall Girl
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Things That Happen When You are a Tall Girl

Things That Happen When You are a Tall Girl

Once, on a family vacation when I was 15, my family and I were on a rainforest tour and as we walked past a dinosaur exhibit. A small child with his mother in tow pointed up at me and exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, a dinosaur!" I wish I could say I made this up, but as creative as I like to think I am, I don't even think I could make up something as horrifically embarrassing as that. Hopefully, I am the only person ever to have experienced being physically mistaken for a dinosaur, but I suppose when you are a six foot tall girl, it happens.

Being tall is a love/hate relationship that can only be fully understood by the tall girl population. Through the many advantages and disadvantages, we share a common bond through the almost too predictable things that happen when living life while being tall. This list is a comprehensive ode to all the tall girls out there. I feel for you, ladies.

Strangers come up to you in public to question you about your height.
“How tall are you? Are your parents tall? Do you play basketball? You should be a model." It's almost impossible to go out in public without being harassed about your height, and even with the best intentions, it's usually always embarrassing. “Wow, you're tall," is probably the worst one. How do you even respond to something like that?

Other people are more self conscious about your height than you are.
Yes, I am tall; I accept that, but not everyone else can. Time and time again, my friends and family have chastised me for wearing heels because I am “too tall." They assume that I always feel awkward and uncomfortable because I am the tallest one of my friends (including the guys) and try to sympathize with me. In all honesty, I love being tall, even though I complain about it more than I should.

Dating is a constant struggle. Why is it that short guys gravitate towards us, while all the tall guys seem to only date girls 5'5" and under? Also, on your list of standards, “Taller than me" will forever be #1.

You've been shopping in the women's shoe department since you were nine years old. At the time, it probably felt like you were one step closer to womanhood, and it was so exciting, but then your feet didn't stop growing and it was a nightmare. All hail the girls whose feet stopped growing at a size nine, because let me tell you, having a size 11 shoe is not fun.

“You'd be prettier if you were shorter." PSA to any guy that thinks this is an acceptable comment: it's not. Sophomore year of high school one of my guy friends told me that I was a 5.5/10, but if I were shorter with the same proportions, I would be a 7/10. Traumatizing.

As if middle school and high school weren't awful enough. Being taller than everyone else meant uncomfortable nicknames, continuous teasing from all the boys that were a solid head shorter than you, and amplified awkwardness of not feeling comfortable in your own skin simply because you had so much more of it. It probably took you years to learn how to be confident with your height, and once you did, it was the best feeling ever but it was probably after you graduated high school.

“Have you gotten taller?" Whenever you see people you haven't seen in a long time, for some reason they always insist that you gained a few inches. “No, I've always been this tall."

Your pants will never be long enough on you. $25 jeans tend to have an inseam limit of 26" so, no, you will never own a pair of $25 jeans unless capris come back in style. #MomLooks. It seems like the only jeans that have a 34" inseam are in the $175 price range, so shopping for pants only happens during sale seasons. Also, shoutout to Lululemon for making your leggings super long. We salute you.

You automatically bond with other tall girls. Whenever I am at a party, and I see a girl as tall as I am, it is so easy for me to go up to her and say, “You're tall. I like you. Let's be friends." Tall girl love is the best kind of love.

You'll make more money because of your height.Thanks, science!

You love your legs. Arguably, the best part about being tall. You love being complimented on how great your legs are (except when you are being catcalled. That's the worst).

You are often told you are intimidating. Typically, being a girl and being called intimidating is usually a bad thing, but secretly you kind of like it. The ability to walk into a room and grab everyone's attention without saying anything is awesome (but also not, because subtlety).

Being tall is pretty much the biggest blessing -- and curse. As annoying as it is, sometimes, knowing how to work your height to your advantage will do wonders. As much as I complain about my height, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I like to think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. So own your height. Being tall can be fun if you let it be. And don't be afraid to wear heels. The higher the heels, the closer to God.

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