I absolutely despise group projects, not because I don’t want to do the work, but because every group project I have ever been in always ends up being worse than Woodstock ’99. During a graduation requirement project in high school, six people dropped out of the group and I ended up doing the entire project on my own. So, I’ve seen it all.

1. One person pretends like they’re in charge, even though they’re doing nothing

They get everyone’s contact and make the group message…and that’s where their effort ends.

2. Someone dips out early or just doesn’t come to any of the group meetings

They think that everyone else in the group will do all the work and they have better things to do and don’t really need to help.

3. Someone drops out of the group

They just give up and either move to another group, work on their own or just drop out of school because they don’t want to do anything.

4. Everyone expects one person to do all the work

I feel like when this happens, everyone else in the group just banded together and decided to not help, like at all.

5. Nothing

No one wants to do anything, and no one knows where to start so nothing happens, and everyone fails.

6. Being assigned to group projects with strangers and not having time to work with them

Everyone is busy generally, but when trying to meet with people who have different classes, and work. So, no one really has time to meet up and so you have no choice but to communicate through text message and it makes projects a million times more traumatizing.

7. The professor gives you no directions

When this happens, you just kind of guess about what you’re supposed to do, but because there is more than just you, all of you have to interpret what the professor meant.

8. No one really knows how to start, so you wait until the very last minute to start anything

This happens to me a lot. You get the project and tell yourself you’ll start in a few days. When that time comes you don't do anything and only the fear of failing really kicks your butt into gear in the end.

9. Someone gets massive stage fright during the presentation, forgets how to communicate, and everything falls apart

You put all your energy and time into this project and are so prepared for every last question. You know all your information and then when it comes time for your part of the presentation nothing comes out of your mouth. Everyone is looking at you and you can’t breathe, let alone speak.

Group projects are an evil necessity, but you will get through it, we all do. So, don’t give up now.