There are so many people out there in the same exact boat as me, I know it.

My best friend is away at college. The next state over... which really doesn't sound that far away, but it feels like we're on different planets.

There are so many different stages, and different things that happen while besties are apart, so I decided to list them here:

1. When your best friend first goes away, you have a moment of panic.

No one really tells you about this, but it's the panic that you immediately feel once you realize they're actually leaving you. Knowing that your best friend who is normally 15 minutes down the road, is now going to be an hour or more away, kind of terrifies you. No more impromptu trips to Wal-Mart, and no more random sleepovers. It's scary.

2. You guys will probably try to text the same amount that you do now–if not more.

I find myself texting my best friend even more now that she's away at college. It's really hard not having her around, so texting her a lot really gets me through my day most of the time. Knowing that she is only one text away is comforting, and I know that we'll always have a lot to tell each other about college, and about how life is going at home.

3. The first time she doesn't answer your text... it's gonna make you cry.

I remember the first time I texted my best friend to see what was going on, and she didn't answer me. Of course, I was super upset, and then I was confused. Was she mad? Did I say something the last time we talked? Nothing is worse than not having your number one person answer your texts. I sat there and kind of cried, I mean this was the girl I had put above my boyfriend and family a lot of the time... and then,... About an hour and a half later I got a text back that said, "Sorry I've been studying, I have a really big test coming up." Right after I was done feeling stupid, I wished her lots of luck and told her to text me when she could. Don't make my mistake.

4. You guys will turn very sentimental quickly.

My best friend and I appreciate each other so much more now that we can't do the same things we used to do. Texting and talking does happen a lot, but it will vary from week to week. I find myself telling my best friend how much she means to me A LOT. I guess it just shows us how much we miss having each other around.

5. When you do finally see each other... It's like nothing ever changed.

Once you finally are able to see your best friend again, it's literally like you guys had just seen each other. You get in the car, you hug, and you start talking like you always do. Boys, music, and the kind of moments that you can only have with your best friend.

This article is written for my best friend away at college. Erika, I love you so much. I have no idea what I would do without you, but I know for sure I'm lucky to have you around as much as I do. I hope everything is going great at SHU, and I know that no matter what is going on in your life, I have you there for me. Thank you so much.