30 Things College Girls Should ALWAYS Remember & Remind Themselves Of By 20

Growing up as a girl, we're always taught very important life lessons along the way. Throughout the time of growing up, we've all made mistakes.

We've all made accomplishments. We've all had our fair share of heartbreak. We've also all had our fair share of love. However, even at 20 there's still so much to learn in life. There's still so many experiences to be had. We will still make mistakes. We will still experience heartbreak and love.

By the age of 20, there's just a few things that us girls should ALWAYS remember and remind ourselves of everyday.

1. Don't stress about the little things.

You have bigger, more important things to stress about in life. Let the little things go.

2. It's okay to make mistakes.

We aren't perfect and it's how we learn in life and grow as people.

3. If you're ever feeling lost, coffee is always the answer.

Coffee is the answer to everything.

4. Embrace yourself.

Be the badass bitch you know you are.

5. Treat yourself

There's nothing wrong with treating yourself every once in while. You deserve it.

6. Mom isn't always right.

Most of the time, she is right. But, sometimes, she isn't and it's okay to learn on your own.

7. Don't let anything or anyone hold you back.

Not worth it.

8. Food isn't the enemy.

Girls are bound by this stigma that we need to be skinny and have a perfect body. Wrong! Eat your little hearts out. We're all beautiful.

9. Always do your eyebrows.

A good brow makes you feel good.

10. Always go to the party.

If you're sitting there debating whether you should go out or not. Do it. Go to the party and live it up. You most likely won't regret it.

11. Know your worth

Never forget your worth and always remember that you are enough.

12. Boys ain't shit.

Growing up, I'm sure we've realized this already, but don' think that changes when you get to your 20's.

13. You are smart.

Do not ever let you make you feel like you aren't smart enough or stupid.

14. You will lose a lot more by never trying than you will from trying.

Take risks. Do something that scares you. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

15. Take care of yourself.

Mama's not gonna be there to make your doctor's appointments anymore and make sure you're eating well. Gotta do it on your own. And don't forget to!

16. Take a nap.

Sometimes, we just need a little recharge before we finish our day.

17. Be spontaneous.

Life gets boring without a little adventure and excitement.

18. Be kind.

Be kind to everyone you meet. You never know what they're going through and you might eve make a new friend.

19. Go for a walk or hike.

Sometimes, we just need to get away in nature and find some peace of mind.

20. Make time for family.

It's not always easy to see your family when you and them both have busy schedules. But it's so important to make time for them. They're your biggest support system.

21. Make time for your friends.

Having girl time is also very important. Your friends are the ones that will be there when your family can't be. They are your second biggest support system.

22. Put some makeup on.

If you like it, wear it. And wear for you, no one else.

23. Don't be afraid of failure.

We will try and we will fail. But that doesn't mean stop trying after the first time. Use your failure as motivation to do better.

24. Date.

Yes, boys can suck. But in your 20's it's good to date around and see what you like. Don't settle down until you know it's going to stick.

25. Take your own advice.

If you give your friends advice that would also help you, take it.

26. Don't overwhelm yourself.

Being in college and working, it's very easy to let yourself get overwhelmed and put too much on your plate. Leave yourself some time for yourself and time to live and have a social life.

27. Be yourself.

Don't try to change who you are to please others. Be who you are because the real you is the best you.

28. Don't be too much of a people pleaser.

Stop worrying about pleasing others and taking care of others. Do things that please you and make you happy.

29. Educate yourself.

Keep up with things in the media and news. It's good to know what's going on in the world you live in.

30. Never stop growing.

No matter how old we get, we will always have room to grow as people. Life will always be full of lessons and mistakes and experiences.

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