Summer is the time for tanning at the beach, lemonade stands and just relaxing.

Well, this was the case for some of us, but some of our parents forced us to go off to summer camp. As much as the transitions were rough and sometimes all you wanted was your television and air-conditioning, for the most part, summer camp was a wild ride of fun. In honor of the summer being just around the corner, I decided to compile a list of 10 things only former summer campers understand.

1. Coming back after a hard winter ready to kick some ass.

2. When you and your bunkmate got along.

3. The struggle to explain traditions to your non-camp friends.

4. Whenever you got back from an activity and your counselors finally released you.

5. The inside jokes between you and your cabin mates were timeless.

6. Inspections had you cleaning some odd items.

7. Knowing all the words and dance moves to weird camp songs.

8. Bonfires were always your favorite activity.

and so were swimming days...

9. When you finally got to pull off that prank that was actually against the rules.

10. When you had to leave once again.

But it was okay because you would be back again next year.

Long live the days of sweat, mosquitos, and the best memories ever!