What Fast Food Workers Go Through
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5 Things Fast Food Workers Desperately Want you to know

Yes, you can get fries with that.

5 Things Fast Food Workers Desperately Want you to know
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The vast majority of the population has been to a fast food place at least once in their lives. Many people go on a regular basis. Here's what the people behind the scenes of your order want you to know.

1. We don't control prices.


We're sorry if there's any confusion with prices. Between minimum wage increasing and new menu items, we don't know what happens with all of the pricing changes. We have zero control over the fact that your fries are 10 cents more today than from a week ago.

2. Patience is a virtue for the both of us.


Unfortunately, we can't just magically make your food appear. There's a process we both have to go through. You communicate your order, we put it into the system, the grill workers make your order, it's then put together, and THEN it can be presented to you.

Anywhere along the line, errors can happen. We try our best, but we're human and mess up. Trust me, it gets annoying for us too when your food takes too long to make. We don't want that just as much as you. Our patience can be tested even more when a new person is being trained.

Best thing to do? Speak up and be patient with us. We'll get you your order in just a matter of time.

3. No, I don't get paid enough for this.


Does everybody agree on the $15 minimum wage? No. Would it be nice to have a little raise? Yes.

Between the food grease, long hours, and high demand to be organized and accurate 100% of the time, it'd be nice not to worry so much about money. Yes, we do work hard.

4. Please don't give us sweaty money.


I would rather not touch your sweaty money. It's gross, and now I have to step away from my job, scrub my hands, and hold up other customers and orders. Please don't give me wet, sweaty, or sticky money. Thank you.

5. Yes, I have a brain.


No, I'm not dumb or beneath you just because I work in the fast food industry. I am working hard to put myself through school and pay my bills. Please don't treat me like I am less. I know how to do my job, and I do it well. I work hard every day. Kindness matters, even when you're ordering fries with that.

Fast food workers are a big portion of the working population. We are teenagers, retirees, and managers putting kids through school, adults paying off student loans, parents providing for their family, and people making money like every other worker. Many people interact with us every single day.

Keep in mind that we're people just like you, and we're working hard to feed others.

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