18 Facts About Living In Maryland

18 Things I Learned As A New Yorker Living In Maryland

I'm warning you, there is no way you can be a Yankees fan because you won't make it out of that argument alive.


Ever since I started going to school in Maryland a couple of years ago, I started to notice how different this state was from New York. There were a lot of things that I had to get used to. People talk differently and there are different traditions that are followed down here. I can definitely say that I adjusted pretty quickly.

There are a lot of things that I noticed during my time here. As a New York student living in Maryland, here's what I've learned:

1. They will FIGHT you if you even dare talk bad about the Ravens or Orioles.

Down in Maryland, you don't even have to like baseball or football. You just show loyalty to your state's teams. But don't even disrespect the Ravens because you will most likely get hot dogs thrown at you. Every 9 out of 10 Marylanders own at least one item of clothing that says Ravens or Orioles, so don't play.

2. Old Bay goes on pretty much everything.

I almost got dragged when I said I didn't really know Old Bay too well. These people put that on everything. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with an Old Bay margarita because they're the type to pull that weird stuff off.

3. They are the only people who walk around wearing their state flag…talk about patriotism.

The flag has a whole bunch of colors going on and these people are proud of it. People wear their flag down to their shorts, hats, shirts, socks, and I'm pretty sure they have a matching bra set.

4. No one goes by cities, they only refer to what COUNTY you're from.

Maryland is so small, it's easier to go by counties. You can't just tell someone you're from Baltimore because they will ask if you're from the actual city or county. Yes, Baltimore City vs Baltimore County are two different things. In New York, we have like 60+ counties.

5. You have to take a plane when going to Waldorf, MD because it's so damn far.

I don't understand why Waldorf Airlines isn't a thing because it's definitely needed.

6. People from Baltimore have the funniest accents. (Ask them to say 'two.')

They will roll their eyes because they probably get asked this question like seven times a day. I'm sorry, but you guys are funny.

7. They will shove CRABS down your throat (but they're so good).

Just like Old Bay, if you tell them you never had a crab, they will look at you as if you're from another country. Crabs are basically sacred to them. And they're pretty good too! Maryland is well known for their crabs.

8. And they put crabs on everything. From pizza, to pretzels, etc.

I didn't know crab pretzels existed until I came down here. Crabs go in everything. There's probably more things that I haven't even mentioned.

9. The weather is extremely shifty…

Does anyone remember that one time when it was raining and sunny out? The weather can be sunny at 9 a.m., then all of a sudden it's windy and a giant tornado forms at 9:01.

10. Get you a relationship stronger than a Baltimore man's ankles because sheesh!

You don't know strength until you've seen a man from Baltimore's ankles do a turn. That looks like it hurts, but I'm convinced that none of these people were born with ankles.

11. Washington, D.C. is basically like Maryland's version of NYC.

A lot of people have mixed opinions on this because it is nothing compared to NYC. But you don't see people going to Baltimore or Annapolis for sightseeing. Plus, D.C. is where all of the jobs are.

12. These items don't exist in Maryland and I want to fight…

Like y'all don't know WTF are these? Huh?

13. 90% of the people believe that anyone from New York is from NYC

New York is a whole state with a bunch of counties, but people only acknowledge NYC, Westchester, or Long Island. I'm pretty sure people think Westchester and Long Island are part of NYC, too.

14. People are extremely nice down here…

Coming from a place where people have attitudes, you guys are super nice. I guess it's because of that Southern hospitality thing.

15. People also drive extremely SLOW.

Yeah, I want to know how the driving tests are down there because half of the people shouldn't be driving.

16. Natty Boh is the #1 beer…

Yeah, don't think you can just walk in and talk about Coronas because that pretty much doesn't exist here.

17. The DMV is D.C., Maryland and Virginia, but there are parts of Maryland and Virginia that people don't even claim.

Apparently, Baltimore and other parts of Maryland aren't apart of the DMV but I—I don't know.

18. Even if I'm from another state, Maryland will DEFINITELY be my second home.

Even though I'll always love New York, Maryland has been good to me. But you guys still need to get with the program and provide Rainbow Cookies because this ain't cutting it.

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Summer Break Just Started And I Wish It Would Stop Already

Is it August yet?


Going into my third year of college, you'd think that I'd be looking forward to my summer breaks, or any breaks that I can snag a chance at getting. But the sad reality is, summer breaks now consist of working and stressing about the next semester. I'm sure not everyone feels this way, whether you're in school or not.

But for me, summer breaks are just depressing.

Most of the time, my summers have to do with making plans with people that always fall through, or not having enough time in the week to execute such plans. Many people are busy working, at an internship, or out of the country for the summer.

If you're in your hometown (and if it's boring and dry like mine), it's not a place you look forward to coming back to every break. I also sit and worry about what internships I didn't get and how I'm not gaining any experience, so that makes for a stressful vacation.

I also find in the summer months that my skin is at its worst. She just doesn't cooperate with the treatment I'm giving her and I'm always sweating, so that doesn't help too much either. It's like no matter what I do, my skin continues to disrespect me.

It's unfortunate to find yourself in this position because I really used to enjoy my summers.

I loved being home, going on little trips, and sometimes, dare I say it, I liked working at my minimum-wage job at one point. Now, I feel like I'm in this constant drought of nothingness and staring outside my window every morning.

But I cannot blame this solely on my environment. I have to share some of the blame with myself. I could have planned my summer out, I could have found better people to hang out with, I could have applied to a thousand internships and maybe gotten at least one of them. But sometimes things don't go the way you want it to, and that is okay.

Maybe I'll do better next summer, who knows.

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