With the new year here and in full swing everyone will be setting their New Year's resolutions, long-term goals, and expectations. In order for myself to stay accountable for what I am planning on achieving in 2018, I will briefly list my goals, dreams, and expectations!

1. Fully learn and play the guitar.

I absolutely love music and to sing. What better way to fully immerse myself in the world of music than to actually take the time out to learn to play my guitar. It has been lying around for quite some time now but now is the time to sing my little heart out while strumming away.

2. Getting physically fit and into shape with past passions.

Getting fit and back in physical shape is a must for the new year! My favorite way of doing this is anything that will get me moving, but most importantly my old hobbies! Martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing (and even more recently yoga) are my preferred choice of staying active, strong, and healthy. For both my body and my mind.

3. Experience life through traveling.

As of the past year or so I have been itching to get out there and experience life outside of Tampa, Florida. I want to travel to new and exciting places and to embrace the different cultures. One of the biggest dreams would be studying abroad during summer 2018 in Northern Ireland. During this trip, I would be learning about Peace Building and Conflict Resolution.

4. Excel in my internship.

I was offered an interview and the opportunity to intern at a Congressional office for a U.S. House Representative! Through this experience, I hope to gain more knowledge about transparency in government and working with constituents. This experience will carry me further into my future career, wherever it lands me.

5. Focus on school.

This is an obvious one and one that is always of utmost importance, but I will be continuing my classes and taking my education seriously at USF so that I can finish off strong and graduate this year!

6. Build and reunite solid friendships.

Whether it's reconnecting with old friends or getting out and meeting new ones, one of the most important things in life is to stay connected in healthy relationships with people who build you up and can have fun with.

7. Continuing working my butt off.

I have always worked throughout high school and college, therefore, I am no slacker. Being the hard worker that I am I will be working, grinding, and eventually after graduating getting the start I need in a career with my major.

8. Helping and servicing others.

As I am really passionate about helping others and humanitarian issues, I hope that I can really do a lot in this next year in finding issues close to my heart and tackling the problems firsthand. Anything from a kind word to getting involved in service, donations, or a charity would be awesome.

9. Getting even more in touch with nature.

After all, being one with nature and enjoying the Earth's natural beauty will give you a fresh perspective on life. By getting lost in nature, you will find yourself. Simply put - I'm gettin' spiritual.

10. Living and loving life to the fullest.

Life, as we know, has its up's and its downs. Throughout the trenches and hilltops I will continue to try being as positive as possible. Living my life to it's potential and loving myself and the people I surround myself with will be a priority.