Thicc, Period.

The 'thicc' epidemic has swept its way into pop culture like a tropical storm. Nearly everyone is after that gorgeous curvy figure. But the question is, where did the obsession with being 'thicc' come from?

According to Urban Dictionary: "Thicc-applies to a girl who isn't fat or skinny, but is well proportioned and has enough meat on her bones in all the right places. Namely, thighs, breasts, hips and their derriere."

The term thick can be traced back to African American communities. It was used as an euphemism to describe smaller children who were of larger stature. And it has since then developed into an encouraging phrase for everyone.

In a social society where being thin was glorified, being thicc has since changed how society views women's bodies. Women are no longer being confined into one little box. But they now have the ability to express themselves boldly and without apology.

Mind you, the term 'thicc' comes in various forms. The suffix only matters in the context of the conversation.

  • ThicK
  • ThiCC
  • ThiC
  • Thic AF
  • Slim Thick

'Thicc' can be found everywhere!

Example One: Rihanna

Rihanna first showed off her thickness via Instagram. Her attire at the Kadooment Day Parade (circa 2015) vividly shows how thick she has gotten. Fans adorned her comments in support and even gave her the affectionate nickname of Thickanna.

Example Two: Music

Rapper O.T. Genasis has a song, conveniently titled Thick (2017). In which the chorus repeats the word thick. Although very vulgar, the song describes a woman who has decent sized assets that Genasis thoroughly admires.

Example Three: Memes

Memes are the secret language of our generation, they are splattered all over social media. There are tons of memes referring to cartoon characters like Bubble Bass from Spongebob or Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron as thick.

'Thicc' is not a derogatory term. In fact it is just the opposite. Next time someone interjects "You're getting thicc!", you reply with: "Period!".

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