There's More To A Relationship Than Netflix
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There's More To A Relationship Than Netflix

Summertime is only 93 days of the year, Find something to do!

There's More To A Relationship Than Netflix
Tallie Ammar

Summertime is ideal for more than just hanging out and binging your favorite TV series with your friends. Although summer does bring rain and thunderstorms which is perfect for those binging days, take advantage of those nice and sunny days. There is so many opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy the season before the snow starts to come back. Here are 25 interesting dates that are doable almost anywhere for any age.

1. Zoo: Please name one person who doesn’t want to hangout with cool animals.

2. Lake/ Water Activities: Everyone loves being thrown off a tube or jet ski, whether you admit it or not.

3. Amusement park: Scream your heads off on rollercoasters, and expensive food.

4. Picnic: Take a cozy blanket and bring some of your favorite foods to watch the sunrise or sunset.

5. Camp Fire Night: Who doesn’t love s’mores? Or Beer?

6. Drive in movie: Let’s pretend we are back in the 1950’s and snuggle up in a car and watch a movie.

7. Baseball game: Sunshine, drinks, good food, and good music, what else can describe a better summer day?

8. Stargazing on a clear night: Calls for romance, seems more fun than starring at clouds during the day.

9. Strawberry picking: Summertime calls for juicy and ripe fruits, fresh picked strawberries are not only better tasting, but it’s fun to pick your own to eat, plus the field are really pretty.

10. Outdoor concerts: Summertime is known for concerts and music festivals, take advantage of the fresh air and get together with some friends to enjoy a good time.

11. Random road trip: Whether it’s 20 miles away or 200 miles away, get in a car, get a good playlist going and start driving.

12. Batting cages: Go hit some frustrations out and have a good laugh at all the balls you miss.

13. Go cart racing: Pretend to be a kid driving in a major race.

14. Mini golf: Those courses aren’t always easy, but it’s more exciting than playing 18-hole with your dad.

15. Late night drive with favorite playlist- Late night drives on dark country roads singing are some of the best moments a couple can share.

16. Fishing: Cast a line and see what you can catch, even if your best catch is the person that might be next to you.

17. Ice skating: Ice skating can be fun because it’s the opposite of summertime

18. Local park and swing on the swings

19. Play tourist in a town: There are about 31,000 different cities in the country, go find a new one.

20. Water park: Slides slides and more slides!

21. Board game night: Weather it’s monopoly or cards, bring out the competitive side of the other person.

22. Museum: It may be summer but the learning doesn’t have to stop.

23. Cook a home cooked meal together: Teamwork makes Dreamwork!

24. County Fair: Ride some risky unstable rides, and eat food that is so unhealthy but a must.

25. Shooting range: Break out those bad boys and show them how its done.

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