Turn your blue jeans into some much-needed green. Everyone has a pair they hold on to for one reason or another. But more often than not, they just going to take up unnecessary space in your closet. There are too many blue jeans in the sea to be stuck on one pair, especially when you can be rewarded for those that don't fit. Even better: You’re helping the environment and fashion industry become more sustainable.

Companies are paying consumers for their old jeans in an attempt to create a fashion industry focused on recycling and reusing materials by 2020. Beloved brands, including Levi’s, Madewell and The Limited, are taking steps in the right direction to become more sustainable fashion companies. And if these large companies can take small steps, you can too. It is time to clean out your closet and save money doing it.

Levi’s and The Limited have partnered with I Collect, a global recycling company. The objective is to keep consumers’ clothing and shoes in a closed-loop production cycle. Rethink, reuse, reward. If you bring those old jeans of any brand to Levi’s, you will receive a voucher for twenty percent off one item in participating stores. The Limited encourages consumers to trade old jeans Sept. 7 through Oct. 10. If you bring them any brand jean, in any condition, you will receive a coupon for t$20 off to receive a pair of their New Universal Stretch Denim.

Madewell partners with Blue Jeans Go Green, a recycling company that turns your old jeans into UltraTouch Denim Insulation made from eighty percent post-consumer recycled denim. The insulation has been used to rebuild homes lost in Hurricane Katrina. Madewell encourages consumers to recycle old jeans in stores, and in return, offers $20 off a new pair.

These companies are not giving you cold hard cash, but the opportunity to help solve a major issue in the fashion industry. (Plus save some money along the way.)

Where to start? Check with your local stores to see the terms and conditions for the stores near you! Remember that every little donation helps close the gaps in the fashion cycle. Rethink sustainability, recycle your jeans and reward yourself with a new pair in return.