With the news of our recently elected President arriving, some people's emotions have been more down than ever. And often when things make people sad or angry or upset, they forget that there are still good things left in the world. Compiled in a list below are feelings that we all know to be true as being able to give us some happiness in the midst of everything.

1. Waking up on Christmas morning when you were a little kid.

2. Finally arriving at your destination after a very long road trip.

3. That one warm day in the middle of a bunch of cold days, where 60 degrees feels like 80.

4. Getting a test back and doing way better than you thought you did.

5. Running across a small, fluffy puppy when you've had a bad day.

6. Sinking your teeth into your first (hot) Krispy Kreme donut.

7. Finally seeing a person who you have been waiting to see.

8. Picking your phone up after you have dropped it and realizing there is not a single crack on it.
9. Finishing all of the work you have to do and knowing that you have nothing to stress about over the weekend.
10. When you are eating out with your parents and they say yes to getting dessert.

11. Writing an essay single spaced and then making it double spaced and seeing that it hits your page requirement.
12. Watching a movie from your childhood for the first time in a long time after you forgot about how good it is.
13. Being able to splash around in puddles in rain boots and not getting your feet wet.

No matter what our country is going through right now, and no matter how bad of a day you have had, there are always going to be things that can cheer you up without you even realizing it. Hang in there.