How Therapy Changed My Life
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Going To Therapy Changed My Life

It changed my life for the better.

Going To Therapy Changed My Life
Ashley Rogers

This past year, I started going to therapy. I started going for a multitude of reasons, one being that I was being forced to go or I would end up back in the mental hospital. When I started therapy, I was very reluctant to talk and would answer my therapist's questions with the least amount of words and effort that was possible. Once I started going to therapy about every other week to every week, I started to learn that it was probably a good idea for me to go. I started to talk to my therapist about things that had been happening with my mom, my past relationship, school, and my home life.

As I grew to get more comfortable around my therapist I started to share more and more things with her. We mostly talked about my mom and her condition. My mom has cancer and has had cancer since I was about ten years old. Recently she has been getting worse and no one in my family seems to talk about her condition at all anymore, so I never really knew exactly what was going on I just knew that it wasn't good because of her being in and out of the hospital. My therapist gave me suggestions on how to cope with things regarding my mom and how to go about talking to my mom and my other family members about my mom's condition.

My therapist and I also talked about my past relationship, which was a borderline mentally abusive relationship and really messed me up. He was the reason that I ended up going into the mental hospital and having to stay there for three days. My therapist and I talked about how he treated me and how it wasn't right. She also asked me a lot of questions about my current relationship, I think that was to see if something similar was happening in this one, which it is nothing like my past relationship.

We talked about high school and me going off to college. We talked about how high school went for me and about how my senior year of high school was probably the worst year of my life because of everything that had happened in the span of that year. We talked about if I was nervous for college and how to cope with the new setting and people.

My therapist and I talked about my home life as well in our sessions. We talked about how no one in my family really communicated verbally or says how they are feeling, which leads to me inferring things and normally inferring things way out of proportion. She gave me suggestions on how to go about asking my family questions where they can't really be super vague with me and will have to tell me something.

Therapy was probably one of the best things that I have ever done for myself, even though I didn't really have a choice to go. I started to enjoy going to therapy and talking to my therapist about everything that had happened since I had last seen her. I talked to her about my past, the present, and what I hope to be in my future. I no longer attend therapy sessions, but that's because I am so far away from home for college. If it were up to me and I weren't so far away, I would definitely still be attending my therapy sessions.

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