The 17 Best Parts About Being Home For The Holidays

The 17 Best Parts About Being Home For The Holidays

"Home is where good food and your bed is." -Every college student who lives away from home

Allison Rumptz

The holiday season is a time for renewal, refreshment, and rejuvenation. A great thing about the holidays, especially for college students is returning home. After the stress of final exams and projects, then there is this thing called a social life (whatever that may be) it is nice to come home and relax for a few weeks. Here are several reasons why being home for the holidays is so special to me, but feel free to comment below and say why YOU are grateful to be home for the holidays.


The joys of a home cooked meal and eating something that is actually edible and in all five food groups

2. Laundry

No need to spray Febrile when you have a free washer and dryer (plus your mom who is willing to do your laundry (Thanks Mom!))

3. Seeing old friends

The ones who have been there for you, even when you had that crisis at 2am

4. Making new friends

A scary thought, but then they turn out to be actually really cool people and become a good friend

5. Visiting places that are a familiar, yet foreign place because it has been so long since you have been home

Even if they look different in the winter, their heart and well being is still the same #puremichigan #grandhaven #home

6. Discovering new talents

Like skate skiing, but then it turns out you really can't do it--you'll just stick to cross country skiing

7. Decorating for Christmas

8. Reliving your childhood of not sleeping on Christmas Eve (and other traditions)

9. Reading

Having the time to read for pleasure (like an actual book and not just pointless articles and textbooks)

10. Christmas movies

Relax and cuddle up with your favorite blanket and some hot chocolate for a movie marathon

11. Not having to worry about studying or school for three weeks


12. The warmth of a nice fire in the fireplace

This is nice-why aren't they allowed in dorm rooms?

13. Having your own bed back

So this is what happiness feels like, or maybe serenity, I don't know

14. Having fun and being a kid again with your siblings

Always embrace your inner child, not matter your age

15. Seeing people you haven’t seen since summer

Like your neighbors or people at church. They are technically family, and you missed them!

16. Taking on new adventures and making memories that mid-winter, you will need motivation for


17. Being with your family

In the end, they are all that matter

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