I Love America
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I Love America

"America is not built on fear, America was built on courage and imagination, and an unbeatable determination to get the job done." - Harry S Truman

I Love America
Old American Flag

He said he felt threatened with his weapon

That's why he killed; Forgiven

He said he felt his instincts shoot up,

Family behind him, A Protective Man He Was.

That's why he killed; 30 years to Life.

Blue > Black

She says she's no racist

She says she loves all cultures

But knew no history.

She says she loves learning about others

but walked ahead of others

She loved no culture, she loved being accepted

She knew no History because she couldn't handle the truth

She couldn't risk looking bad.

But did nothing to make the others feel her words were true.

She did not acknowledge the power she held

She was waiting,


waiting for others to assimilate

So her culture appropriation can no longer feel like a shame.

She walked into a room

She scanned for a friendly face

She saw many faces unlike her own

But she continued to scan for that one friendly face

No one looked inviting,

Because she looked nothing like them

No recognizing

No being included

No being Appreciated

No Support

No genuine joy

Just the majority and the smaller groups of minorities

Forgetting that we all are just Human, with history.

Faces All Around.

Looking down.

Down at the object created by man.

To Distract Man.

To Distract from Humanity.

Don't think like them.

Don't look like them.

Don't Be Like Them.

Be More than them.

DO More Than them.

Names Of Colors

White Black Purple Yellow Green

Names Of Labels

White Black Brown Bengali Afghani Iranian Syrian Somolian Pakistan Hispanic Latino Mexican Trini Muslim Christian Jew Hindu Siki,


I don't give a fuck what you look like

or what you were influenced to believe

I don't care about these outdated, overstated, underestimated, concepts.

Fuck all these differences we make up to help our grandiose self-image

Rather than actually making a change from inside

Rewind J Cole;

The only real change come from inside


Can no one understand

our experiences make us who we are, so let's listen to one another

Word by word,

Sound By Sound

Feel by Feel

Dilated pupils,

Watching color waves move by the energy exploding

Let's please just start creating better experiences for one another

Let's start doing more for others

Let's start learning more

Let's be open more.

Just like we would want for ourselves

I'm Tired of ignorance

and I am tired of being silent

and I'm tired of wiggas thinking that they're niggas

I'm tired of these color lines

I'm tired of the media

I'm Tired of America

Land of the free

Where the freedom seekers continue to live in fear.

Where is the freedom in that?

Blue people chasing, ready to take us away.

Only some of us that don't fit the quota.

It feels like a nightmare

But how do you wake up when you're awake

You become more shook than woke.

Just the other day,

A Sister was crying.

I asked if she was okay because that is what I'd like to be asked.

Begging that her son is under the influence of an evil man

A man with male dominance and superiority.

A Machiavellian Nightmare.

I told her to go to the school psychologist for assistance with his behavior.

What she said,

With her face all red and wet from tears

Forehead scrunching

Eyes dilated, heart pumping.

No No, I can't

I can't, you know what's going on with Muslims?

They won't trust me

They will think I'm bad because I'm Muslim

My son lies too, my husband lies,

They won't believe me,

I can't go, they won't believe me,

A Woman,

A Divorced Woman,

A Divorced Woman being Abused.

A Divorced Single-Mother Woman being Abused.

A Divorced Muslim Single Mother Woman Being Abused In Land Of The Free.

Please tell me, Where Is the Freedom In That.

How can you be free when held captive in fear.

With that fear, of being who you are.

When you've done nothing wrong but been born.

Can Someone Please Wake Up


I Volunteer As Tribute

Harry Truman Wasn't Wrong

He Just Spoke For Himself,

While Speaking about others.

America Is Built On Other's Fear,

America Was Built On Discouragement Of Others,

And an Unbeatable Determination To Get The Job Done;

To Integrate The Segregation to Become Human Nature

Redefining Our Tribes

Redefining the Caste System

Names and More names

Labels and More Labels

Freedom, Communist, Democracy, Dictatorship, Fascism

But it all means the same shit.

Just Arranged Differently.

Defined Differently.

Manipulated Differently.

I Volunteer As Tribute.

To Be Part Of the Solution.

America, Can You Please Help Me Understand

My "Love" For America?

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