The Youth Of America Will Not Be Stopped, And We Should All Support That

There have been an unexplainable number of attacks on our youth. The shootings at our schools are the obvious example. The shootings are gutting us all, and many young adults are doing what they can to keep themselves and their cohorts safe. It is insane to think anyone would try to stop that, and yet, it happens.

The verbal attacks and mental scrutiny are arguably just as detrimental as the shootings themselves have been, just in a different way. We are constantly ridiculed for thinking on our own and battled for doing things that matter to us.

We are fueled by passion and lit up by change.

The chance to speak up is something not everyone gets to do, but by being the youth in America, we get that privilege. What started with shootings is now a fight between youth and guns. In trying to defend the second amendment, people have been diminishing the value of the first amendment. We should be encouraged to voice our opinions, and quick to research facts and learn about things. We have the chance to do all those things and so much is possible.

The youth have two things that cannot be taken away which make us unstoppable; a voice and time. We have so much ahead of us and so much time to learn and be powerful. The youth are so easily inspired and it's threatening to anyone who isn't used to it. We have a window into the entire world through our screens and if we look through it with openness, it can be an incredible tool.

We fight back and have platforms to move mountains, and we can, will and do move mountains of all sizes every time. There are so many opportunities to be vocal and stand up for matters bigger than any of us and we use our resources to make something happen.

The youth that previous generations should look out for are the ones taking their chances. The ones that are singlehandedly taking down the NRA, singing with Shawn Mendes and Khalid at the BBMAs about how strong they are in standing up for themselves and the ones willing to write about things like this. We form movements, protests and walkouts. We call out wrongdoings of politicians.

We aren't afraid of our voices and we know the power they have.

Young adults go through school and enter the world categorized and stereotyped as naïve and helpless, and that isn't fair. So many of us are observant and focused on making a difference. We're excited to be able to vote and have any say at all. We don't have to take a stand, but we do and proudly.

Something as simple as letting us know we're being heard is so helpful in us pushing forward. Let us know what we do matters and that change is okay. Our lack of life experience doesn't mean we lack any ability to make a major difference. Age doesn't add that much when eyes and minds aren't wide open.

It doesn't have to be a huge change, but all young adults deserve recognition for doing what they can. A lot of little changes are breaking ground for what's to come.

We are the future and for us to be willing to step in and make a better world for all of us should be praised instead of fought.

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