The World Versus Terrorism
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The World Versus Terrorism

Humanity must stand united in removing terrorists from the equation.

The World Versus Terrorism
The New Yorker

Smoke appears to billow from the television screen as news cameras scour the wreckage. We lower the volume on our radios as screams and cries from the victims echo through the speakers. The melancholic emotion of disbelief washes over the faces of many as we watch yet another terrorist attack take place without warning -- without mercy. In the face of the unknown, what are we the innocents to do? How are we to go about the impending threat of terrorism? To coward in adversity is one option; however, in numbers we find strength, and in hope is where we as the human race must come together and fight against our enemies threatening our existence.

Earlier this week Brussels, Belgium, was attacked by the terrorist group ISIS. In the early hours of the day two separate explosions occurred in Zaventem international airport. A third attack was later executed in the Maalbeek metro station aboard a train cart. In response, Belgium moved its terror alert to its highest level -- no one was to enter nor leave the country. The blasts from these attacks killed over 30 people and injured over 80. The attacks that took place were similar to those in Paris, France -- also the work of ISIS. On Nov. 13, 2015, 129 people died in the Paris bombings and shootings. Over 300 were injured, and the nation as well as the world mourned for both the families and victims involved. With Europe experiencing devastating events within months of each other, the world is left to question: Who is next and when will ISIS strike again? ISIS took responsibility for these acts, but comments that they are not done cause havoc -- this is just the beginning.

It is easy to become deterred from these threats. You feel an unease in traveling and suddenly being out on your own just gets ten times scarier -- especially for a college student. However, with this fear it is important to recognize the strength that comes in masses. If we stop broadening our horizons, then the terrorists win. If we live in fear, then the terrorists win. By retracting from the fight against radical groups such as ISIS we are forfeiting our right to live in peace. While attacks of terrorism are extremely unfortunate, what we see arise from the flames are stronger, more determined nations. From anguish, the world bands together to not only comfort but support one another. In the wake of 9/11 America witnessed support from countries around the world. Yes, as a nation we suffered greatly, but in the long run we gained the intelligence and the security needed to protect future generations of America. This same act of valor is going to be needed in order to stop future threats. This is no longer just about attacks being taken out on Paris or European nations altogether, but it is about attacks that are directed to the world. It is as a unified race that we must reply.

Terrorism has no face. It has no race nor a gender. There is no way to justify who is and who is not a terrorist. Instead of pointing out the individuals who need to be under suspicion, we need to set the focus on ourselves. Working to be the change we aspire to see in the future is where the greatest impact will be made. The ill-fated events that have occurred throughout the years in terms of terrorism serve to show that, yes, we have suffered, but we have also overcome disasters through the aid of others. Unified we must stand and join in arms against the common threat. It is with hope for world peace that we fight this battle. A battle that the world can and must win in order to secure generations to come, never having to worry that one day they might have to fight for their lives.

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