I am a woman, in fact, I would say I have some very feminist views. I believe that women should be paid equally, I believe that men sometimes get away with things that they shouldn't, and I believe that women have a right to their own body and health care; however, I do not stand behind the Women's March and here's why.

There's nothing I'd love more than to protest something that I feel passionately about, and seeing women come together and attempt to stand up for what they deserve is something I'd love to participate in; however, many things I've seen about the Women's March has led me to believe otherwise.

I voted for Trump. I disagreed with Hillary and not voting for Hillary does not turn me against my own gender. The irony of the Women's March is that they want to include and empower all women, yet they're singling out and forgetting those women who stand behind Trump. Rather than protesting the things that are important, the majority of the signs were rather spreading hate about Trump, not to mention the motivation behind the March was because Trump was elected.

What really took me by surprise was the picture posted on Twitter by the Washington post of women leaving their signs in the street in front of Trump Towers. The fact of the matter is that you can't preach for respect when you're respecting anyone in return.

I am rather disappointed by the Women's March due to the blatant disrespectful propaganda that was centered around Trump. These women do not represent me, or my feminist views. So ladies, next time you're trying to rally up all women try rallying up those who have different political views than you do.

All you're doing is causing women to separate rather than collaborate. Put aside politics, for once, and march for ALL women regardless of their political views. Just because I voted for Trump does not mean that I agree or applaud every single thing that man has said or done, and I'm sure those of you who voted for Hillary do not necessarily agree with everything she has said and done either; therefore, it's time to empower all women to stand up for their rights.

Women who voted for Trump, I stand with you as do many others, and we can only hope that ALL women can eventually stand together as one.