The Woman Behind Your Favorite Thomas Rhett Lyrics

The Woman Behind Your Favorite Thomas Rhett Lyrics

Who is Thomas Rhett actually singing about?

Everyone hears a catchy song on the radio and can sing along to it, but have you ever looked deeper into the lyrics to pull back who or what the song is actually about?

Thomas Rhett is hands down my favorite country singer. With hits like "Die a Happy Man," "Unforgettable," and "Marry Me," he has every girl in America looking for their TR (Thomas Rhett). So who exactly is the lucky lady he's writing about? Her name is Lauren Akins and she makes Thomas Rhett's job just a tad bit easier when he has a superstar wife to write about. Lauren has been Thomas Rhett's crush since the second grade and she has remained incredibly down to earth, humble, and kind, despite her husbands stardom.

I don't personally know the Akins unfortunately, (big bucket list item right there) but coming from a huge fan, one that follows all their Instagrams, listens to his albums on repeat, and follows their lives in a non-stalkerish way, this is what I've gathered about the happy couple:

Lauren is supportive

TR will joke on Instagram and make note that he still gets nervous for shows and Lauren is always there to take the nerves away and keep him grounded. Singing at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving during the halftime show in front of millions of people would make anybody's hands clammy and stomach a little nauseous.

They have an adorable little family

As TR explains in his song "Life Changes," the couple was planning on adopting a little girl from Uganda and around the same time they also found out Lauren was pregnant! They went from zero kids to two little girls in a matter of a couple months and it is evident that their little bundle of joys bring the family so much happiness.

She cares about others

Sure her husband is a huge country star and they probably have millions of dollars, but she gives back and truly thinks about other people- something I wish you would see more celebrities take to instead of everything about "me, me, me". The Akins' oldest daughter, Willa Gray, is adopted from Uganda and Lauren has partnered with 147 Million Orphans to help the lives of other orphans from Willa Gray's community who are hungry and living in poverty. In fact, she recently just took a trip across the pond to visit the kids!

Now the next time you hear a Thomas Rhett hit, you might understand why he is singing about his wife the way he is. Let's give Lauren a little credit here — sure Thomas Rhett can sing but he wouldn't have anything to sing about if it wasn't for Lauren!

Cover Image Credit: country fan fest

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