The Witch Hunt Of Senator Al Franken
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The Witch Hunt Of Senator Al Franken

Why we need to stop bickering and start fighting

The Witch Hunt Of Senator Al Franken

I’m a little torn on this issue with Senator Al Franken. I’ve heard two different stories on the photo that was released of him “groping” a woman, and I’m not sure which one to believe. One is that the woman was actually asleep and another that she was pretending to be asleep. I’m leaning more towards the pretending story because she is wearing full on military garb. Who wears that to sleep in unless you are actually in the military? Another issue I have, if she actually was asleep, what Franken did was wrong.

The thing that I think people have over looked is the fact that Franken actually apologized for these actions. Where I come from, if you apologize for something and sincerely mean it, then we as humans should be able to forgive. Obviously, he knows he did something wrong, and he is apologizing for it. For all of these people in the news bringing up Bill Clinton, he also apologized. We should be able to forgive these people when they apologize for doing something wrong.

In the case of Roy Moore, he was chasing underage girls. That, in my book, is unforgivable. No matter if he apologizes, he also has not ever apologized to the public for these accusations. Trump never apologized to the more a dozen women who came forward during the election. He actually threatened to sue them, which he never carried out. Another question I have is, why did Billy Bush, an entertainment news show host, lose his job and credibility, but Trump, the man actually saying to “grab them by the,” you know where, gets to be President? This is what we need to work on in this country. So far, everyone in the entertainment world from Bill O'Reilly to Matt Lauer has been either fired or shamed. It seems like the world of politics is just the opposite.

One of the problems with us Democrats is that we are always trying to please people. And in this day and age you just can’t do that. We condemn our own because of something they’ve done in the past even though they apologize for it. Remember when Democrats (and republicans) were so mad at Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for smoking pot? We can’t play these games right now. We are at war with a group of people who are literally trying to destroy this not only this country but also this planet. Republicans are trying to cram a tax bill that overwhelmingly benefits the top 1% of this country. We need to use our heads here. We can’t win with all of this hateful rhetoric towards each other. Resist.

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