The Waiting Game
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The Waiting Game

That's life!


It's all we do: play the waiting game and wait for something eventful to happen. Every minute of our lives is spent waiting for something. People love to say that it's time to stop waiting for things and go get them… well, technically most things we can't stop waiting for. When we are awake, so many of us are waiting to be able to go to sleep, and when we're asleep we're subconsciously waiting on our bodies to wake up. Let me prove how much waiting we humans actually do with these 40 things we don't always realize we are waiting on:

1. Waiting for your morning coffee to brew

And if you don't make your own coffee, you're probably waiting in line at Starbucks for your large cold brew.

2. Waiting on the shower water to get hot

3. Waiting on your car to warm up in the morning

4. Waiting on the work day to be OVER

5. Waiting on your leftovers for lunch to heat up in the microwave

6. Waiting on the World to Change

-John Mayer

7. Waiting for that payday direct deposit to hit

8. Waiting for the rush hour traffic to pass on your way home

9. Waiting for dinner to cook

Or again, you find yourself in a drive-thru waiting for your order on the way home.

10. Waiting on wi-fi to connect/ internet to load



11. Waiting for answers


12. Waiting to grow up, graduate, and be independent

13. Waiting for 8 o'clock when all of the good TV shows come on

14. Waiting on your gas tank to fill up at the gas station.

15. Waiting for puberty to stop ruining your middle/high school life

16. Waiting to retire

17. Waiting to find your soulmate


18. Waiting for your baby to be born, take its first step, or speak its first word

19. Waiting for a topic idea for your Odyssey Article

20. Waiting for someone to leave the bathroom so you can finally GO.

21. Waiting for summer vacation

22. Waiting for professors to enter the grades you've been waiting on for 4 weeks


23. Waiting on a text back

24. Waiting to finally fall asleep at night.

25. Waiting for the previews to end at the movie theatre

26. Waiting for a parking spot to open up

27. Waiting on your washing machine/dryer to finish a cycle

28. Waiting in line at the supermarket for checkout


29. Waiting on our hair to grow after a bad cut

30. Waiting on Chance to FINALLY drop a new album.

31. Waiting on your phone to finish charging

32. Waiting to die

A little dark, I'll admit- but not wrong.

33. Waiting for the red light to turn green.

34. Waiting on your package to come in the mail

35. Waiting in a waiting room

36. Waiting for paint to dry

37. Waiting for your Uber


38. Waiting to get your braces off

39. Waiting for Apple to release the newest gadget.

40. Waiting for someone to get ready to leave.

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