Hey Readers!

I wanted to write another piece to tie Women's History Month altogether as it comes to a close. I know that change isn't easy nor is moving forward. However, if we stay in the past, then we never really change. You owe yourself that opportunity to move on and seek what the future holds.

Even if you have no idea what that may be, you're still in control. I hope this poem instills the motivation and clarification to let go of what's holding you back in the past and look to the future. I can understand how this sounds like a cliche, but I want women from all parts of the world to know that they matter even if the future is still a mystery. Many happy vibes to you all!

For as long as she could remember,

She had always been moving

There was no doubt in her mind that

Things were changing

For they never remained the same

Until she looked into the movement

That she began

It wasn't forward as she truly believed

Or wanted or so desperately needed

But it was backward thinking

That left her defeated

For although, she did, indeed, move

It wasn't approaching new heights

Nor discovering new places

She had unconsciously chosen

To stick to the same faces

To live in places she's seen before

To play it safe in rooms that knew her

And to roam there forever after

So what seems as a welcomed change

Of forward being,

It becomes uncovered as a place

Too familiar for comfort

But she knew she couldn't stay here

There was no way she'd stay here

Because to remain the exact same way as she was before

Wasn't reaching the Present or anything forward

She was feeding the Past, quite fully and painfully

But to stay here would mean to never be free

She owed it to herself to see what she wanted

The same old faces, dissipating away like a memory

The places she'd seen before, melting freshly below her

And the rooms that knew her name, shelled out in hallowed sorrow

Because to stay behind would mean to allow

The Past to define her Tomorrow

When things fly away, only those who need affirmation in it

Seek it out fully

While those who found nothing in doing so

Banished it out completely

Her future, unknown, but her heart was true

For the Past could never truly keep her

Living in the Present and for her Future

Was the surest thing she could do

And she held onto

The Undiscovered Future