The Ultimate 15 Stages Of Spring Break
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Student Life

The Ultimate 15 Stages Of Spring Break

Salt in the air. Sand in my hair.

The Ultimate 15 Stages Of Spring Break

Spring Break is quickly approaching and the one trip that many have anticipated on taking has finally arrived. It is the one week out of the semester that you can live it up without worrying about tests, presentations, and homework -- what a relief, right? It's time to kick back, relax, enjoy good company, without a care in the world as you venture to beautiful destinations of your choice for a week of fun. Here's to Spring Break -- from beginning to end. Live it up while you are young, be safe, and enjoy the little moments that you can look back on.

1. The rush of finishing all assignments before leaving

It's time to get everything completed before leaving it behind and that can cause pure anxiety. Breathe.

2. Prepping for bikini season

You have been in hibernation for a while and you are not ready to show off your pale skin and extra weight you've added -- so like many, prepping to expose those hidden parts is exercised (no pun intended).

3. Overpacking is totally acceptable

Never allow anyone to tell you to pack lightly -- you never know what you may need in desperate times during your trip.

4. The car ride to your destination

Good music, dancing, and getting pumped to be by the shore all week long with your friends -- the anxiousness is unreal.

5. Arriving at the destination

The excitement of seeing the beach, smelling the salty ocean in the air, and checking into your home for the week -- don't act like you aren't thrilled for what is in store.

6. Going out with your squad

Everyone is officially cleaned up from lounging on the beach all day and ready to go out for the night, grab dinner, and spend time with each other. Happiness is scattered all around the atmosphere.

7. When everyone has to get ready together

A group of friends all in one setting for a week, more than likely only two bathrooms in the whole area -- it's a community effort to get ready together. On the bright side, you probably need opinions on your outfit of choice anyways.

8. Eating junk food as a meal is socially acceptable

You never want to waste a single moment while on your trip, so you make sure to grab what you can get and that is totally acceptable to grab a bag of Doritos and pretzels for your meal on the beach.

9. Forgetting to apply sunblock

All of the excitement and beach sun beaming down made you forget at least once or twice about sunscreen -- now you look like a lobster.

10. Dancing is necessary

Spring Break is finally here -- why not dance? It's almost impossible!

11. Pizza at 2 a.m. is perfectly okay

The local pizza parlor is always open 24 hours and pizza always sounds better in the late hours anyways.

12. When you realize you have one more day left

One day left and all of the fun in the sun comes crawling to an end and so does your good vibes.

13. The car ride home

You've always got that one friend who is super happy to be going home and the other that wants to be sunbathing still. The car ride home is always bittersweet.

14. Reality sets in -- you won't be on the beach in a week from now

Emotions are high and the fact that you will be back in a class room finishing up presentations and assignments in a week instead of enjoying the warm weather by the shoreline makes you utterly sad.

15. Laughing at the nonsense that took place

But although you will be home and back to reality, Spring Break brought you so many memories to hold onto and to look back on and more than likely laugh until it hurts.

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