I figured this story would be fitting for everyone who wants a good scare this Halloween. You can call it the basis of a futuristic novel, as well as that of some dystopian movies, namely The Purge: Election Day (and The Hunger Games), but it may very well be the basis for much more dire consequences: Trump for president. Imagine on January 20th seeing two "big, beautiful" hands, one on the Bible and the other raised above a literal rat's nest, swearing to God that he'll make America great again as the country falls deeper and deeper into shambles.

Generally, I cannot stand politics. There's the childish banter between candidates trying to convince us that they and only they are right, and then the people who immediately buy it without doing their own research, and I don't know which one frightens me more.

Centuries ago, the point of us being as educated as we are was so that we would be educated voters, and our nation would not go to shit. We would not have presidential candidates who are everything they want to get rid of in this country, and we wouldn't beat the shit out of our friends on the other side of the argument. Not only have we forgotten basic manners upon approaching the climax of this election season, but we have also forgotten how to think for ourselves behind the screen, behind the television, and probably behind the ballot.

At this point, with election day being next Tuesday, it would seemingly be our only hope to keep telling these horror stories, but imagine always being told you were wrong for the fact that you don't approve of the president or something currently being passed through the legislation--"Wrong, wrong, wrong." The prospect of having that ability being taken away by the means of pure ignorance is enough to keep many people up at night. The point of there being freedom of speech is so that we can make improvements in America, as if we can even do that anymore without people who want to be in power telling us to "beat the hell out of them" or "grab them by the pussy." Apparently, they let you do it if you make it big...

However, making it big should not entail scaring so many people away from the ballot so that you can take a spot you thought you could buy out from the public. It should not entail telling young men and women everywhere that can still be sexists, racists, homophobes, sexual predators, or Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The scariest part of this election is probably the fact that the system is likely not rigged against Trump, but seriously for him, and he's still doing everything in his power to get to the White House on January 20th of 2017. I'm not saying to vote just to vote, and I'm not endorsing any particular candidate. I'm just saying that if you do vote, then vote wisely.