The Three Types Of Storage Solutions Every Ute & Van Owner Needs
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The Three Types Of Storage Solutions Every Ute & Van Owner Needs

While vans and utes often provide an open tray to store cargo, equipment, and tools, they don't usually offer much in the way of organisation.

The Three Types Of Storage Solutions Every Ute & Van Owner Needs

While vans and utes often provide an open tray to store cargo, equipment, and tools, they don't usually offer much in the way of organisation. Without proper organisation, items in or on the tray are at risk of being damaged, lost, or stolen.

Furthermore, loose equipment that can’t be stored in car drawers can be a danger to the driver, with any sudden stop causing items to fly around and potentially hurt occupants or other road users.

So instead of risking damage or injury when driving around for work or play, van and ute owners should consider these three types of essential storage solutions that make finding, organising, and securing your gear so much easier.

What Makes Storage Solutions Ideal for Van & Ute Owners?

In addition to protecting items from damage, theft, and loss, other benefits make storage solutions a good choice for van and ute owners. As mentioned above, these types of accessories can significantly reduce or eliminate potential injuries due to loose equipment flying around inside the ute during sudden stops.

Storage solutions can also help increase productivity and safety by helping to organise tools and equipment so they're easily accessible when needed. Additionally, optimised vehicle storage solutions decrease the time it takes to pack up your gear and leave a site—making you more efficient and productive on the job.

3 Storage Solutions Every Van and Ute Owner Needs:

#1: Slides

Slides are a great way to securely store various tools and equipment while allowing the user to access them when needed easily. Slides come in multiple styles, with the most popular and cost-efficient being side-mount slides and heavy-duty floor slides.

Side mount slides attach to the floor of your tray using brackets that are mounted in preexisting holes or slots. Taking up space on one side of your cargo tray, these types of slides can safely and securely store larger pieces of equipment such as long saws, mops, brooms, rakes, or axes.

Heavy-duty floor slides are secure storage solutions that mount directly into the centre portion of your tray. With a sturdy metal construction and protective sleeve covers to protect items from damage and scratches, heavy-duty floor slides are ideal for storing and removing heavy pieces of equipment easily and safely.

#2: Racks

Racks offer a variety of ways to store your gear when car drawers don't provide enough space. Two of the most common types of racks are wall and ceiling-mounted racks, with these racks providing multiple tiers for storing small to medium-sized items such as tools, equipment, and accessories.

#3: Drawer Units

Ute and van drawers that slide in and out of your vehicle provide a convenient and secure way to store tools, equipment, and accessories. And as they're both durable and strong - made from thick, heavy-duty materials - ute and van drawers are ideal for protecting your gear from damage and theft when not in use.

Storage Solutions for Every Budget & Purpose

No matter what type of van or ute you have, comprehensive storage solutions are designed to fit into any tray size, shape, or style. And with options available for every budget and purpose, it's easy to find the best storage solution to meet your needs.

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