You pupils dilate with concentration. Concentrated on the blank screen in front of you. Your sweaty fingers slide over the keyboard, not really typing anything, but anticipating the words will come. You repeat the same schedule day after day to no avail. This my dear, is wrtiers' block. Unfortunately, this terrible wall against imagination has plagues many a writer, and as someone who has survived writers' block time after time, I ensure you that there are three distinct step that every writer will go through before finally finding that much longed for inspiration.

Step 1: I just need to keep writing

At this stage, either your laptop or your notebooks, or both if you are me, will fill up with incomplete plot lines, random story lines, and multiple unfinished project. Even as you run out of space to fit everything, you will continue to write because you have confidence that the right idea will eventually come to you. It has to come to you. You are a writer, this is what you do.

Step 2: Maybe I just need a break

I don't want to say this stage is giving up because it is very important to overcoming writers block, but this stage is basically giving up. You get to the point where you run out of things to write, and all the unfinished projects floating around you just remind you that you haven't been able to write in months, and maybe you aren't supposed to be this huge writer you thought you would grow to become. At this stage, you begin picking up new hobbies - maybe revisit old hobbies that you gave up for writing. Basically, you rediscover yourself and rediscovery is a major key in discovering your muse

Step 3: It hits!

Step 2 may last months or years, but eventually THE idea will hit you with full force and you won't be able to stop writing. Not only will you find the love in writing you had given up on, but you will also realize how much you have grown as a writer as you stepped away. Sometimes the best thing to do when posed with a challenge is to set it aside for a little bit. Let inspiration find you. Don't force it.