"What do you think?" Chris asked.

Olivia openly gawked at the gorgeous Victorian style house that was in front of her. The wrap around porch was tastefully framed by a well-tended flower garden. As Olivia slowly got out of the car, her eyes took in everything. She shut her door and walked up to the house. As she reached the door, she noticed the window panes in the door were filled with stained glass.

Chris met her at the door and slid his key into the lock. He opened the door and gestured for her to head inside. She tentatively stepped inside, unsure of what to really expect. The inside was as lovely as the outside had been. The door opened to reveal a spacious foyer that led to a small sitting room and a curving staircase. Olivia started to make her way towards the sitting room when she heard a noise behind her.

Quickly turning, Olivia spotted a matronly woman standing by the staircase. Olivia started backing up towards the door, never taking her eyes off of the woman. As she backed up, she met a wall of muscle. She felt strong arms grab her and lift her to the side.

"Watch it girly or we're gonna run ya over with your own stuff." Mitch grumbled.

Olivia didn't move. Mitch looked at Olivia and then at the matronly lady.

"Liv, that's just Addie. She's the housekeeper more or less." Mitch said reassuringly.

"More or less?" Olivia asked.

"Well, I would say more. Especially since these here, boys know nothing about keeping house and cooking. I don't even think Mitchie here knows how to do his own laundry." Addie teased.

"Aw, that's not fair, Addie. Ya know I can. I just like the way you do it." Mitch whined.

Addie let out a throaty chuckle. She moved towards Olivia and held out her hand. Olivia took it hesitantly.

"Luka let me know you'd be coming to stay with us for a while. It'll be nice to have some female company around here."

Olivia found herself smiling before she could stop herself. Addie gave off a reassuring and comforting feeling that Olivia hadn't felt in a long while.

"I'll help you get your room all set up in the morning but for tonight, I'm afraid the guest room will probably have to do." Addie said with a slight frown.

"Oh, I don't mean to be a bother. I can just set up the room tonight." Olivia blurted out.

"Nonsense dear. This is what I'm here for. I'm sure Luka has other things he needs you to be doing." Addie said patting her hand as if shooing the idea from her head.

"Honestly, I don't think Luka is going to be letting me do much of anything for a while." Olivia said sadly.

As dangerous as her job was, Olivia knew that she was good at it and she honestly could enjoy it. Not to mention, the guild was her family and she didn't want to let them down. She had no idea what she would do all day without a new job to keep her occupied.

"I'm sure we'll find something to help keep you busy." Addie said reassuringly.

"Addie, leave the poor girl alone before you scare her off! I just got her here!" Chris teased, giving Addie an affectionate, one-armed squeeze.

"Olivia, my office please." Luka said stepping into the house.

"Oh, um, yeah, okay." Olivia sputtered.

She followed Luka as he made his way through a hallway on the side of the stairs that she hadn't noticed. He made his way to the last door on the left and opened it. He gestured to a seat as he took his own.

"While you're here, I'd like to see what information we can put together about Damien. Mainly things you probably thought weren't as important while you were undercover. There might be something there that we overlooked that could lead us to him."

"I'm not sure what else there could be outside of the reports that I gave." Olivia said chewing on her bottom lip.

"The smallest detail can sometimes be the most important one." Luka said with a knowing smile.

"I'll tell you what I can. I'm not sure that I'll remember too much."

"Anything you can remember will be helpful, Olivia. We can start tomorrow after you've settled in."

"Of course."

Olivia could feel that she was dismissed and headed back out the way they had come. Chris was waiting.

"What did the boss want?" Chris asked.