We sit the customers; we get the customers drinks. Then, we get the customers orders and serve. Make the bill and hand it to them. Done, easy right? Not always. I love coming to work at Pizza Hut. I get to work while I socialize with people and I love it. As much as I like my job, I also have some things I don't necessarily like doing my job.

The first thing that annoys me as a waitress, is how inaccurate the days are. I never know how stressful my day is going to be, I don't know how many people will want to come in an eat. Meaning that, no matter what day it is, I don't know how hectic it will be and I don't know how much money I'll make. Usually, the weekends (including Fridays) are good and Wednesday night's buffet is good, but the rest is a big toss up.

You would think that Mondays would be slow, which most of the time they are, however, there are still some Mondays that I would handle seven tables at once with no let-up. I can't even predict a day because if us waitresses were to predict, it would backfire on us and it would be the opposite of what was said. Talk about rough.

Next, we have the salad bar. On top of everything we have to do for our tables we also have to tend to our salad bar. It's a pain to keep up with, especially when it's busy because to fill it we would have to go to the cooler, grab the extra crocks, fill the crocks, bring all the crocks up the salad bar and fill them. To fill them we have to individually take out the old crocks and put the older salad ingredients on top of the newer ingredients. We have to fill it a certain amount full and the extra product would have to go back to the cooler and wrap it for later, which is more work.

Normally on the busy days, the manager would help us out, and on other days, there are extras made already in the cooler so it is a faster process for when it's busier. And if someone thinks anything is wrong with the salad bar, they will let their server know! I don't know why the customers assume that if they think their tomatoes are too sour that we absolutely have to know, but I would love it if I could just do my job and not be sidetracked and have to converse with the manager on how the tomatoes are sour to one person while others are eating them fine.

Oh! And if there is a crock completely out of product on the salad bar, the customers are going to get snippy.

They will tell every waitress in the place trying to get food out and expect them to just forget about the hot food and go fix the salad bar. I'm not saying that if a waitress where to listen to the complaint and take their food out that the salad bar customer would throw a tantrum, but they will expect it done right after and make sure to ask you again when you return.

Finally, we have the stiffers.

A stiff is people who come in, expect to have a good service, but do not tip when exiting. I absolutely hate these tables. Not only do I have to worry about the business, but I also have to worry about the tables that think a $4.25 hourly pay is just enough for a server.

I'm sorry, but no it's not.

That is not going to fill my car, sir. I'm not trying to stereotype, but sometimes you can definitely tell a paying table vs a stiffer, and believe me that that kind of table will stress a server out the whole service until the table leaves. Why? Because we don't want to serve a stiffer our best service, it's not worth it! There are even some regulars that come to pizza hut and hardly tip and believe me, the servers do not do perform to their fullest potential.

Can you blame us though? Why work hard for no money?

As much as these things annoy the crap out of me, I love my job. I get to go to work, socialize with people, and give them food, food always makes me happy. I like the environment and more importantly the people I work with. That's what makes the job so much fun.